Friday, November 13, 2015

A Happy Husband

Yesterday was cool with a high of 7C or 44F. The wind came up last night and this morning our temperature is 9C or 48F. The wind is from the south and is bringing in rain at our level and snow higher up.


We headed out early yesterday as the Spousal Unit had to have blood drawn at the hospital prior to going in to finish up his chemo treatment. I headed out to Peavy Mart before I started work.

Peavy Mart is a store for ranchers/farmers/hobby farmers mainly found in Alberta. The first store in BC is located in Dawson Creek. We use to shop there when living Dawson Creek. It was great fun to go into the second store in BC and wander around looking at what they had.


I had to take a picture of the toy John Deere equipment as this is the most I have ever seen in one spot. Over half of the shelving unit was full of these green and yellow toys.

Work was busy yesterday with a lot of people buying fabric for Christmas gifts. We were run off our feet but I ended up the day leaving my cutting table empty of fabric and notions and started helping the other large table by putting away the fabric they had accumulated.

I tried to call the Spousal Unit at noon and got no answer. At 2 p.m. I had an anxiety attack and was off the floor for a good 10 minutes. As I went back on to the floor, I got a text message all went great. I was still a bit anxious though I did calm down as time went on. When I got home, I found out the Spousal Unit’s phone had turned off completely and he had no Wi-Fi at the hospital to use his iPad. It was being flakey on them.

The Spousal Unit was in good spirits. The nurses are having problems getting his IV in as he has tough skin and lots of muscle over his veins. They had to get a vein finder to help get the IV in. He calls it the equivalent to a carpenter’s stud finder. They are recommending he have a port put in that will remain while he is having treatment. Then he found out that his blood work came back better than anticipated which had everyone really happy. His IV went well with no reactions at all. A good day for him. He goes back early December for his next treatment.


I knit quite a few rows on the scarf last night. When I lay it out, it doesn’t seem to get any longer, just wider. When blocked, I am nearly ready to start the next pattern. I will do a life line prior to starting the new pattern so if I have to rip it out I will have the lace secured enough to put all the stitches back onto the needles without loosing any. Another new technique for me to learn.

Today, I work from 5 pm to 9 pm. We plan on emptying the remaining boxes in the living room and putting it all into the basement. I may get a couple of hours sewing this afternoon. I think another reusable grocery bag in a teal blue batik.

Until tomorrow……………………


  1. Sending both you and your husband hugs. I know it's as hard on the spouse as the patient. Good luck. My prayers and healing energy is with you both!

  2. That is lovely, lovely news about S.U. bloodwork! Bless you both in this terribly stressful and anxious time!