Friday, November 20, 2015

A Crazy Life

Yesterday was a cool one with the high getting to 2C or 35F. It was mainly sunny which is nice. Today it is cool but not as cold as yesterday. The sun will shine today and the next couple of days. That will be so nice.


Yesterday I cleaned up more and got a bunch of items put downstairs. We thought the fellows who were moving our furniture downstairs were not going to come. But, they did at 4 p.m. An hour later they were done. I now have to tidy up what is left and put it away.

I worked from 1 to 9 p.m. and had a great time at work. I got pulled off cutting fabric and on to cleaning up a display, putting out stock and then doing a display. I climbed ladders to get items down and had a great time. New sale starts today.

I got home and had no down time before I went to bed. We slept in the basement which was fine. But, I didn’t have a place to sit and relax as the couch is on its back in the basement and the love seat was in a spot where I didn’t want to sit. Oh well, we will survive this for a week.

We also got a call on our basement apartment. It looks like we could have a renter. A professional person with a young family. We look forward to seeing how this turns out.


I am not sure how much sewing I am going to get done. I looked in the room I have my sewing stuff in and it is full of furniture. I will see what I can do as I want to work on the Christmas presents.

Today, I am off work so I am cleaning the upstairs ready for the flooring guy who is coming on Monday. I will take pictures of our living arrangement. It is crazy but it’s only for a week.

Until tomorrow…………………………………….

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