Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Busy Weekend

The weather has been cold since it snowed. The Artic front came in and brought with it clear and sunny weather. It is nice to see the sun. Seeing -13C or 9F was a surprise as they weren’t expecting this cold for any length of time. It seems as if it is here until Wednesday. They keep extending this cold spell on us. 


The Spousal Unit has been fever free since last Monday but he still hurts in his groin area. It has been lanced and has a drain in it. He is feeling better. No one seems to know what he had and there seems to be missing notes in his file. He is frustrated, bored, and somewhat cranky. Waiting for hours for appointments doesn’t help. He got the drain removed yesterday and sees an outpatient nurse every couple of days for a check up and dressing change.

The guy who did the floors did a fabulous job. The stain isn’t too light or too dark. In the daylight it looks perfect.


I spent my days off puttering around. I shopped for groceries, did laundry, a bit of cleaning, and some napping. I was bored to death as I couldn’t sew. I did look at the vest pattern and know how to put it together.

I got a puzzle out for the Spousal Unit to do and he got part of the border done.


I puttered at it out of boredom and got the two sides done. Sheer luck on my part as I don’t usually do puzzles.

I was back to work Thursday and Friday yesterday for 8 hour shifts. One would think the store would be quiet Thursday before a 3 day mega sale but it was busy. When not cutting fabric, we cleaned up the store in preparation for the sale that started yesterday. I work 8 hour shifts during the sale and I pull a 4 hour Monday night to clean up. I think I will have 36 hours logged in 5 days. A bit much for me.


I started the next part of the scarf. It is gorgeous. What I thought was a new pattern across the 48 stitches is only along the edge. The last 12 or 13 stitches is the pattern and the rest is lace.


Every single row has to be counted. At the end of the 11 rows, I move the life line in case I have to rip out a mistake. I am learning how to be lace knitting smart.

Here it is with two patterns done. The edge will be scalloped which is nice.


I doubt it will be done by Christmas but I will keep working on it. It is amazing how it grows doing the pattern.

Today, I work 9:30 to 5:30 p.m. I am not get anything done in the house which is frustrating as I want to start hauling items back upstairs. I will survive this crazy weekend and start on Monday. What I really want to do is sew.

Until tomorrow………………………………….


  1. Glad to hear that Dave is doing better. No fun being sick. Your floors look great. Hope you get to sew soon.

  2. the scarf is beautiful! That life line idea is the best!