Monday, November 09, 2015

A Bit of Decorating

Yesterday the weather was nice; a combination of sun and cloud. The high got to 10.6C or 51F. This morning it is cooler a -1C or 30F and it is suppose to clear off and be sunny. That will be nice.


When Skyping with Son and family on Sunday, there was a comment, for the second time, about the TV hanger/holder on the wall above the fireplace.


Two comments in two weeks is too much. So, we proceeded to rectify the situation. The black metal was removed and we see that there are at least three coats of paint on the wall. Then we got out the picture we thought would be perfect above the fireplace and hung it.


Problem fixed until we paint. It has been suggested by Daughter that we paint that wall one shade darker grey than the other walls. We may have to once we put a rock finish on the bricks. 

The other end of the room is still piled high with packing boxes.


We have gotten a couple of boxes downstairs from that pile and I am going to start unpacking the remaining boxes and move the items downstairs. I have two weeks to do this in so I need to kick myself into high gear.

Once we got all that sorted out, I headed out to work. It was busy in the store for the 6 hours it was open. I don’t know how much fabric we cut, but it was steady. I got a bit more than half of what I cut back where it belongs. Plus, a few areas were cleaned up as fabric was moved around by customers putting together ideas. The treat yesterday was meeting a lady I worked with in a group when doing literacy. Her daughter works part time in the store.

I didn’t sew or knit yesterday. It was one of those days.

Today I am off work. I have to get my hair cut and a flu shot. Then it will be a bit of housework, some unpacking, and some sewing. I promised myself at least 2 hours of sewing today.

Until tomorrow……………………

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