Friday, October 16, 2015

Working the Kitchen to Completion

We are still basking in the sunny weather and enjoying it. Though we have to wear a coat in the morning, we discard them in the afternoon. Yesterday the high got to 15.5C or 60F. Once again we should have another lovely fall day.


I headed out yesterday morning to get a few groceries and the knobs and pulls for the kitchen cupboards. I was gone about 90 minutes total which means I didn’t waste a whole lot of time.

When I got home, the Spousal Unit had the first row of tiles cut so we set up the downstairs kitchen to start work after lunch. We worked together to get the first section done by 3:30 p.m. We were running out of spacers at that point.


The colours of the tile makes the white cupboards pop. I was a bit worried about the counter top and subway tiles being close in colour but it looks fine to my critical brain. The grout is a bit darker than the subway tiles.


While I was shopping, I got the fabric for two knitting project bags for Daughter-in-Law. I decided to make her one for when she is traveling and one for at home.


The above fabrics are to make a more elegant knitting bag. There is a silver shine to the fabric. There should be enough fabric left over to make her a small bag for her knitting notions. I need to buy cord and a zipper for this project.


These pieces are more fun and should be equally as cute. I need cording and a zipper for this set also. I will be starting these bags in the very near future.

The Stash

I have decided to use up my stash in a fun and creative way as I loose weight. Some of it will be used to make clothes for myself. I have Ponte for yoga pants, denim for a barn jacket, and lots of knits for t-shirts. But, I have some pieces I bought and am now questioning. There is a cotton-linen that may work for a light jacket next spring. The rest will be used to make a skirt when I do the (Craftsy) skirt drafting course and then I will donate it to the thrift shop. There is also a piece of fine 100% wool that I would love to make something for myself. It would have to be underlined/lined as it will be itchy. Maybe a top of some sort. I keep thinking elegant camp shirt.

In the mess mix is a piece of pink plaid that I love. It is for a couture jacket when I reach my goal. I also have grey and black Ponte for a zip jacket that I will make later on. Though the stash isn’t huge, it is a mix of what I love and what I like.

I have decided that as I pull out the fabrics, I will decide if I will make it for me or for the thrift shop or charity. I can practice techniques, skills, and some high end sewing while I work through the stash. It has removed the stress of having to sew all the fabric for me and not end up liking it as much as I think I should.


The scarf is going slow. I have to watch what I do on each row and count at the end to make sure I have the right number of stitches. On a knit row, I ended up making an extra stitch and had to tink back to fix it. I try to knit 4 rows at a sitting to break up the intensity of this so called simple lace pattern. I have a lot of inches left to knit so I need to focus on this project several times a day.

Today, we will do another section of the back splash. We want to work until we run out of spacers. We are kind of hoping to get the area to the stove done with most of the wall above the sink done. When done, I will start on the curtains if there is enough time. Another busy day in our household. We are pushing as we are nearing the end of this suite.

Until tomorrow………………………….

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