Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wardrobe Ideas

We had a gorgeous day again yesterday with temperatures close to the previous day. It is so nice to have such lovely weather in October. We did see frost yesterday morning but it was gone shortly after the sun came up. It was the same this morning. Frost on the roof tops.


We had another stellar work day in the basement. I started the day out painting and got all of it done; shelves, walls, and ceiling. I opened 4 different cans of paint. I have to put one coat of paint on the underside of the shelves and they will be done. I also put silicone on the countertop where it meets the wall. It is now waterproof.

After doing the painting, I sat and helped the Spousal Unit figure out how much tile we needed. I have to say that we have enough of the small tile with maybe 2 squares left.


We were a box short of the subway tile which we headed out later in the day to get. We are officially ready to start the back splash.

Just before noon, the plumber arrived. He set about getting the kitchen sink and faucet in and I cleaned up behind him. I also hung the mini blind in the kitchen. It was great to get those jobs done. After a quick lunch, we put doors on the cupboards and are struggling with the corner door. Tomorrow we will look at it again. Because of that, the last drawer wasn’t put in as it needs the front attached.


The doors are not adjusted at this point. We are thrilled to see them on.



I haven’t really looked in the sewing room only to get yarn or needles. The basement has taken all my thinking power at the moment. But, I have been reading blogs and have taken delight in that. I have been thinking about a lot of what I wish to sew for me while I loose weight. It isn’t going to be fancy or over the top.

The new blog I found is Grainline Studio. Her entry on Oct. 13, 2015 is about her Fall ‘15 Wardrobe Plans. I love her idea and it is casual enough that I can wear it plus still keep to what I want in my plan.

Accessories: Boyfriend Cardigan, Beaded Infinity Scarf, Slouchy Beanie, Basic Mitts, and Basic socks. I plan on knitting the cardigan in a dark grey to keep it basic but the other items will be done in blue or red. They will be my first set of accessories in one colour.

Basic Wardrobe: Yoga pants, jeans, 2 t-shirts. These will be in black for the first go round though the jeans will be in blue as I have them on hand. Simple patterns that are easy to make and will become TNTs along the way.

Extender Pieces: Camp shirt and Barn Jacket. The camp shirt will be a plaid (black and blue or black and red). The barn jacket will be black denim.

So what will I do with my stash? I will write about that another day. I have plans for it.


I worked on the scarf when I had a few minutes here and there I have a total of 8 rows done; two complete patterns. I took some time before dinner to knit on the scarf and then again after dinner. When I looked at what I had done, I was upset. I had made another mistake. No dropped stitches but you could see the pattern went one way and then another. I had to unknit very carefully to the mistake. I am not sure what I did wrong but I am now back to where I was when I discovered the mistake.  This scarf is slow going but it will get done.


The colour is horrid thanks to the lighting in this house.

Today, I am heading out to get the door knobs and handles for the kitchen cupboards and then will help with the tiling. I do have to do the last bit of painting also. We will see what else I can get done when I have to wait. Probably vacuuming and mopping floors. The end is near; I am hoping by Monday it will be done.

Until tomorrow………………………………….


  1. Ann, those kitchen cabinets are terrific. May I ask, are they true white or an off-white?

  2. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Someone is going to be so fortunate to cook in that brand new, lovely kitchen.

    I've enjoyed watching your sewing and knitting adventures. I was even so bold as to sit next to a woman in a waiting room this week and asked her about the socks she was knitting (alpaca wool) with questions I've been curious to ask you.