Saturday, October 24, 2015

Very Tired, Very Happy

Yesterday was another lovely fall day, sunshine galore. We did sit in it for a bit after lunch. The high was 14C or 57F. We are suppose to have another nice one today.


I headed out to Fabricland and got what I needed for some sewing. I will be heading back there to day as I forgot to get 2 spools of thread -- black and white. The joys of not unpacking.

While gone, the Spousal Unit put the knobs on the kitchen doors. When I got back, we headed back down to put the silicone on the tiles. This silicone sealer is the same colour as the grout. It feels gritty coming out of the tube but is quite nice when it dries. The kitchen and bathroom back splashes are done.

After lunch, we set about doing a bunch of odd jobs that needed doing. I did the touch up painting on the toe kick and baseboards in the kitchen. The Spousal Unit adjusted the doors on the cabinets. Then I set about wiping out all the cabinets and shining the sink while the Spousal Unit changed the door on the fridge. We were done at 3:30 p.m. 


This room took longer than we ever anticipated. Having to replace the old kitchen, enlarge the electrical panel opening, paint and tile took us about 6 weeks.


I have to praise the company we use to do the plumbing and venting for us. They were amazing. The person who does this work for us comes as quickly as he can. He is a landlord also.


Once the floor is scrubbed and a bit more work done, the new fridge and stove can be put in place.

As the Spousal Unit cleaned up his tools, I cleaned the windows in the front door. Our to-do list is small; replace a ceiling light, get rid of our tools and clean. We are close to advertising for rent.

When we climbed the stairs for the day, we both commented on how tired we were. We are due for a day off. We actually said when this unit is finished, we are going out for dinner.


No pictures in this area until tomorrow. I bought fabric to make Daughter-in-Law a reusable grocery bag and the lining to make a second one. She bought the outer fabric. I got some notions, including zippers, and called it a day. When home, I realized I had forgotten to buy thread so will be heading back to get that today.


I sat and knit on the scarf for quite a while last night. I will need to block it again to see how long it is. No where near the 42” I need. But it is growing in length.

Today, it is back to the basement. I will be focusing on washing the kitchen floor and then cleaning the bathroom. The Spousal Unit has to put shelves in the bathroom. Then it will be cleaning up our tools and washing floors. It won’t all get done today but we should get quite a bit done. We are focusing on being done.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

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  1. What a lovely space! Congratulations on getting it finished, and now try to relax some, ok? :o)