Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Prognosis

Yesterday was cool and cloudy. Perfect for traveling and walking around after being in a warm car or building.


We headed to Kelowna early yesterday. We had a bit of shopping to do before we met with the Oncologist at the Cancer Clinic. The visit was what we were expecting. The Spousal Unit begins chemotherapy soon. It will be done here in Kamloops so the most difficult thing will be parking at the hospital. A nightmare.

The Spousal Unit’s spleen is twice its normal size and his platelet count is still below average. His treatment consists of chemo pills 3 or 5 days and then he gets another drug via IV. Then he doesn’t go in for almost 4 weeks. He will have a maximum of 6 sessions unless there is an issue. He may experience nausea and tiredness and will have no immune system. The prognosis looks good for him. What he is happy about is being able to do what he wants to do if he feels up to it.


I got my Husqvarna Viking SE yesterday. The repair bill was half of what we expected. I will be sewing on it if it has a bobbin in it. If not, the Featherweight will be put in use.

Today, I am back at work for 8 hours. I am sure we will have time to put away fabric today. I am happy we do not have to work in the suite tonight. I can rest.

Until tomorrow………………….

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