Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sunshine and Warm = Gorgeous

Yesterday was another gorgeous day that was sunny and warm. It got to 16C or 61F. Today is going to be another gorgeous day as the sky is clear. It was a cool 2C or 35.5F at 6 a.m. this morning. Beautiful fall weather.


My back is getting better though it is stiff and sore in the mornings. It slows me down to get a good start. But I persist at trying to get going.

I finished painting above the cupboards yesterday morning. It is looking good. From there, we focused on getting the counter top in. We pulled all the staples out from the underside, got the long piece on the cupboards. That was a struggle but we did it. Then we removed it and set it up to add the short piece. That was interesting.

Two step stool and a chair later, we put the counter together. Then it was time to put it onto the cupboards. We grunted, groaned, yelled, and cursed the counter top. We finally got it on. The miter corner wasn’t even. By this time, the Spousal Unit was sweating and feeling faint. He was over doing it so I made him sit down for 5 minutes. To heck with the glue.

Once he recovered, we got back to work and got the miter corner level and the counter top down tight. The walls got a few scrapes which are ready to be painted. In all, it was easier than the counter top we put into the basement kitchen in Ashcroft. I didn’t take any pictures as we hurried to have lunch and a rest. We were tired.

The afternoon was spent getting items returned and more items bought for the kitchen. We have the toe kick and doors to put on the cupboards, the sink and taps to install and the back splash to apply. In the bathroom, we have back splash to apply and two shelves to put in a cubby. We are nearing the end of the renovation. Then it is clean up time. Yes! Yes! Yes!


My bag pattern and acrylic base arrived yesterday. I look forward to sewing myself a bag though I need to buy fabric for it. That won’t happen until January. I have sewing to do for Daughter-in-Law; knitting bags for her projects. I have to buy fabric for those so will be visiting the quilting shops soon.

The sewing room may take longer to renovate that anticipated. If all goes well, I would like to scrape the ceilings flat and remove the valance over the window. That means there will be walls and ceiling to mud before I can paint. If this can happen, the room will be updated and the remaining rooms in the house (2 more bedrooms, hall, and living room) will have the same done to them.


I worked on the Barbie doll jacket and got the body done except for the ribbing. To complete the jacket, it needs 5 rows of ribbing on the bottom and 3 rows of crochet on the sides for a button band.


It turned out rather cute and I will make it again when I have enough yarn. I did start a dress but put it all away to focus on Christmas knitting.

The infinity scarf is being a pain. I found a dropped stitch and had to rip it back and start again. Got caught up and found a drop stitch in the first row and ripped that back. Started again, got 2 rows done and found a dropped stitch and had to start again. This pattern demands your full attention and you have to count each pattern row. I do my best work on it during the full light of the day. It is now cast on and ready for me to start row 3 of the pattern.

Today, it is another day in the basement. I have lots of painting to do; baseboard, toe kick, shelves and door spacer. Also the wall that got damaged. I also have to silicone around the counter top and hang the mini blinds. Another busy day in the basement. But it means we are nearing the end and can get a tenant into the space. And it also means we can work on our own space upstairs.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

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