Sunday, October 11, 2015

Record Temperatures

Yesterday the temperature got to 20C or 68F at noon. That was above the expected high for the day. We saw sunshine, felt a cool breeze, and enjoyed the weather. When I checked the high for yesterday, it got to 25.3C or 77.5F. We weren’t here to enjoy it but I am sure it was lovely. This morning is warm, clear, and is looking like another lovely day.

Friday’s high temperature was record setting. Yesterday was warmer again so we wonder if it was record setting also. It is Thanksgiving weekend and you can either sit outside in glorious warm weather or have the heat on and sit inside and look out.


I moved slow yesterday morning. My back and hip were sore and the longer I sat, the sorer they felt. I finally pushed myself up and got busy. I headed downstairs to vacuum up the mess in the bathroom. It is ready for a wipe down before I put a bead of silicone along the top of the counter top. Then that area can have some tile put around it to give it a more finished look.

After that, I cleaned the stairs to the basement. We track a lot of dirt in and out of the back door so it gets swept and vacuumed on a regular basis. I also swept up the laundry room and dealt with the litter box. While all of this was happening, the Spousal Unit mowed the lawns for the last time this year.

Once we were done our chores, we planted the weigila bush and watered it. We will be busy in the spring getting the flower bed looking awesome for the summer. It is basically ready to move lilies and add several more plants plus bark mulch. It will be nice to see that flower bed looking like we want; minimal and clean.


The lilies will get split up and moved around, a hydrangea planted in the front porch area, and some hostas put in to a bare spot under the small window. If we need extra colour, we will put three to 5 tubs of annuals in the empty spots.

We headed out after lunch to Daughter’s for Thanksgiving dinner. We usually celebrate at her house. We also have it on what ever day both Daughter and Son-in-Law are home. The weather was wet but the food and company was awesome.


I had some time to knit the second sock before we headed out and got the foot done and set up to decrease the toes. The other sock is set up also. A couple of evenings and they will be done.


I always laugh when looking at these socks. The leg looks so tiny compared to the foot. But those socks don’t fall down on the grandson.

I also worked on the shark hat for Grandson. The red gums and white teeth got crocheted on.



The yarn ends are woven in and I need to crochet the fin and add buttons for the eyes. I would love to mail both items on Tuesday. Then I can start on a scarf for Daughter-in-Law. It is her Christmas present.

Today, I have to work in the basement for part of the day and upstairs part of the day. As we sat around a lot yesterday afternoon, my back is a bit sorer and needs to be stretched out. What better way than climbing a ladder and painting.

Until tomorrow……………………

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