Monday, October 26, 2015

Ready to Declare “IT’S DONE”

The weather yesterday was cool but sunny. We had a high of almost 12C or 53F. We did sit outside in the sun but you could feel the coolness in the air. It rained a bit during the night and it is suppose to rain/shower this morning.


After shopping for groceries, we headed down to the basement to get as close to done as possible. While I cleaned the unit, the Spousal Unit fixed the floor in the kitchen. You would never know there was an issue in there.

While I wiped and mopped, I put away items and we moved some things around. The tops of the baseboards were dusty as were the floors. But it is ready to have the appliances put in place to night, a few more pictures snapped and posted on-line. We are happy with the results.

We will move upstairs and the front closet will get a wall put in and the sewing room closet will get painted and the shelving unit put in. We may stop there and unpack and clean the upstairs in preparation for Christmas.


I forgot to post pictures of what I bought to make Christmas gifts for Daughter-in-Law.


I got the plain teal cotton for a lining for the batik. This will be a reusable grocery bag for her using my TNT pattern. I will see how I will add a bit of interest to the fabric.


These two pieces will be another grocery bag. I will have to see how I can add some visual interest to this bag. Thoughts are brewing in my head.


I bought the fat quarters from Walmart last week and the ideas are brewing on the knitters bag I plan on making for her. The two fabrics will be the bag. I got brown cording to close it with and have to figure out what I will use to make the band that holds the cording. The orange with the white owls on it will be a small notions bag that has a zipper in it. I will use the brown in the top right corner to line it with if there is enough. If not, I will get some brown cotton. The white fabric is spare fabric.


The scarf is about 24” long. No mistakes to date. That is good. Once the lace is done, I have to do an edging pattern for 42”. I may be blocking this scarf Christmas eve.

Today, I am back at work for 8 hours. I am certain we will be busy cleaning up after the huge 3 day sale. When I get home, we will put the appliances in place, snap a few pictures and post the unit for rent on the internet. It is going to be a long day but we can yell “Complete!” at the end of the evening.

Until tomorrow……………………….

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  1. Love those fabrics for the bags! I know you both must feel a sense of satisfaction and relief now that downstairs is done. I took advantage of that fabricland sale on Saturday. Bought fleece for two sweaters or DH and some tropical print for a dress foe me. A trip south in two months.