Saturday, October 03, 2015


It is chilly here in Edmonton. The temperature is 2C or 36F and is expected to remain near that all day. It rained during the night and this morning we watched a few flakes of snow fall. Not ready for that. 

Yesterday I did the laundry and knit on the socks. The second sock is being a pain but I struggled through it. It took me until 3 p.m. to get it done. I will be playing with picking up stitches for the gusset so I have a tight join there. These seem a bit too loose for my liking. 

I spent some time writing a few notes about the gusset in my notebook. Though the legs look tiny in a knit 2 purl 2 ribbing, they stay up amazing on the grandson. I also do the ribbing on the top of the foot to help them cling better to his feet. 

I also started looking for a pattern to knit argyle socks to practice for when I do the Masters' Knitting classes. I feel like I have done well in finding a pattern knit in a sports weight yarn for the first pair. Colors will be determined by what I can find -- hopefully claret, aran, and black. The pattern is here.

Last evening I knit on the mitts and have to measure the cuff length and count the rows. I am focusing on it for the next few days so they will be done before I leave. 

This is what I saw in the bathtub today. 

He loves to drink from the tap. They have a very friendly cat who spends a lot of time with me when we are alone. 

Today is an at home day for all of us. I am going to put on a load of laundry while Grandson gets his hair cut, clean up the kitchen a bit, and hem some jeans for Son. I will knit on the mitts and tonight is pizza and movie night here at home. 

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