Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Next On The List?

Yesterday was damp and cool. A nice day to be in the house. Or in the store. The high got to 11C or 52F. Though there were some showers, we were lucky. Our friends to the north got snow.


I worked an eight hour shift and it was busy. Way busier than we thought after a big sale on the weekend. Most of the customers were buying fabric for Halloween costumes and a few were buying Christmas fabric for quilting projects. It was interesting seeing what others buy for fabric and notions.

After work and supper, we headed down to the basement to finish it up. TV’s were switched, appliances put into place, and the last of the floors scrubbed. It felt great to put it up for rent.


When done, I sat on the couch with a hot water bottle on my back. I was tired!!

So what is next on the list? First and foremost, cleaning upstairs prior to painting the sewing room closet. Hopefully I will have three days off this weekend to do it all.


Daughter wants a cowboy rag. This is a square scarf folded in half diagonally and worn at the neck of a vest or coat. Very popular amongst the girls who are barrel racers; a fashion statement. Most are made from a silky fabric and there are as many designs as there are fabrics. She wants this fabric, a lightweight silky satin.


It’s an easy gift to make her. Cut the square, serge the edges, hem and done. So nice to get something easy to make her for Christmas.

With three projects ordered for Christmas, I will have to start cutting them out and sewing them up.

Today, we head out to Kelowna to the cancer clinic. We will find out if the Spousal Unit will have to start treatment. I want to buy a watch and new runners. I also get to pick up my sewing machine that has been gone for almost two years. We will be back by dinner time as I have to prepare for work on Wednesday.

Until tomorrow………………………………

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  1. Ann, congratulations on finishing the basement rental! The photo you showed of the kitchen was great! I had to laugh that Fabricland put you to work the same day! They knew a good thing when they saw it! Best wishes on working on your upstairs!