Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More Work In the Basement

Though it was cooler yesterday, the sun shone and we saw a high of 16.8C or 62F. Pretty awesome temperatures for almost mid October. No rain either though it looked like it was going to pour rain around noon. This morning it is cool but sunny and it looks like we will have another beautiful day.


I was slow moving with my back yesterday morning. Somehow it decided to act up and put me down on my butt. I slowly got going with a lot of grumbling. Folding laundry was a good start. This morning it is much better so maybe it is healing or the muscles are toning up from working in the basement once again.

Downstairs, I primed all the wood that needed a second coat and then came upstairs, put on the heat and let it dry. Mid afternoon, I headed downstairs to paint the wood. What a difference that made to the kitchen.



We played with the tile for the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen counter is close to the colour of the tile but we will make it work with a grout that is a bit darker and, if necessary, we can get silicone sealer to match the grout.


The bathroom will look like this.


We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t a train. We are so happy to be coming to the end of this project. I am now starting to focus on the upstairs. Being a crazy lady, I am thinking of scraping all the popcorn off the ceilings one room at a time. If that can happen, we can remove the valances over the windows easily and update the house.


I finished Grandson’s socks. I am pleased with them and know those skinny legs will stay up on him.


There is a small amount of yarn left over and I am going to knit a Barbie jacket. When the yarn runs out, I will put it on some waste yarb and keep it as I do want to knit the pattern when I have enough yarn.


The jacket has since been increased to 88 stitches and I am ready to start the first sleeve.

I also started Daughter-in-Law’s scarf and did 12 rows on it. The part of the pattern I am working on is the lace part and consists of 4 row. The first and third rows have yarn overs and the second and fourth rows are garter stitch. It is lovely yarn to work with.


Daughter wants more wool socks so they go on the needles next. She has even told me which yarn she loves and I have some on hand in the stash. As they are easy socks to knit, they won’t take long to make.

Today, I have to check the paint in the downstairs kitchen and do any fix ups and then paint the wood pieces I finished priming yesterday. We will install the counter top and head out to exchange the tap for the sink and pick up a few more items we need. If there is time, I want to do a bit of touch up painting and look for my sewing pins. I need to hem the closet curtains. Which box are they in? If there is enough time, the last blind will be hung. Another busy day in the basement. It will soon be time to clean it up and advertise it for rent.

Until tomorrow…………………

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