Sunday, October 18, 2015

More Tiling Done

Yesterday was another gorgeous day until late afternoon. It then clouded up and we had rain fall during the night. The high yesterday was 17C or 62.5F. The low got to a warm 10C or 50F. It is suppose to clear off and be warm again.


Donna, so glad to hear you had a fabulous trip to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Both sides of my family are from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. I hope you get your glucose level down to where you want it.

Eileen, I have to work hard each day. If not I would drive everyone including myself nuts. Actually, I am looking forward to getting this job done and moving at a more relaxed pace upstairs. Being active everyday also keeps my glucose levels low which is good.

Yesterday had a drag note for me. I did a fair amount of sitting and waiting in the morning. The Spousal Unit complained his two tape measures had different readings. Hence he spent a lot of time cutting tile. In the end, he used up every piece he cut which is strange.

We did get a lot of tiling done; about the same amount as on Friday. Above the sink and the wall to the stove are done. I did spent the beginning of the job time cleaning up Friday’s tile and then at the end of the day I cleaned up yesterday’s area.


The area with the little spacers in it above the sink took 2.5 hours to do.


Under the cupboards took about 2 hours to do.

Once done and cleaned up, we put the necessary tile for the bathroom in that room. Miscounted but in there. Then we spent a goodly amount of time trying to figure out how many tiles we needed for the stove area. Did the math for the bathroom again and then the stove area and have decided to buy one more box of tile. We were “mathed out” at that point.

The door for the corner cupboard has been installed and it was 3:30 pm. We had to rehydrate and get supper finished (Ham/pea soup and biscuits). Tiredness set in when we sat down. Our brains were tired.


Anonymous, good for you to ask questions of a knitter. Ask away here and I will try to answer them for you.

I had to knit a lot last evening to get my quota of rows done. I succeeded with not ripping back. I think I have about 13” knit and this project is a perfect example of having to block items to make them look good.


Today we have to shop for groceries, get the shelf/rod for the basement bedroom and the last box of tile. Then it will be back to tiling in the afternoon. Bathroom I suspect. Then we can tile the stove area until the tiles are gone.

Until tomorrow……………………………………

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