Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Sewed!

Yesterday started off cloudy and grey, became sunny and ended up grey and dismal with a rain shower. The high got to 15.3C or 60F. This morning is cool at 5C or 41F. The prediction is for a sunny day.


Yesterday was voting day and we headed out early to vote. In and out in less than 15 minutes. We were surprised with the results as the predictions had been for a minority government no matter what party was elected. We got a majority government for the next 4 years. All I am going to say.

After we got home, we hustled down to the basement and finished up the tiling. I also got what we had done the day before cleaned up.


We cleaned up in preparation to grout. Both of us were thrilled to be done the tiling.

After the tiling was done, we moved at a fast pace. I hurried upstairs to clean our bathroom. Then downstairs to paint. Some floors were swept and some baseboards wiped. We kept busy until mid afternoon. Then it was on to…………


I actually sewed yesterday. I hauled the curtains and the Singer Featherweight up to the sewing room and got at it.


To hem the curtains I had an old pair of scissors, dressmakers chalk, pins, and a large square quilter’s ruler. I succeeded in getting those curtains hemmed and hung.


The curtains and wall are marked 1 and 2 so I knew which curtain went where. The paper remains as the curtains have to come down when we put in the shelf.

I am glad that I sewed when it was cloudy and dismal outside. I need to address the lighting in the room. I thought I was going to have to and it was confirmed.

Today, we will probably grout the tile. Can we do it in a day? Maybe, maybe not  but I sure hope so. If nothing else gets done today but grouting, I will be a happy lady.

Until tomorrow…………………………..

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