Friday, October 02, 2015

Glorious Weather

It was another glorious day in Edmonton. The high got to 25C or 77F. I am sure that this is somewhat unusual the beginning of October. We are thoroughly enjoying it to the max as there is rain and snowing coming in today and tomorrow. 

I had a quiet day and knit some. The first sock has the gusset knit on it. The second sock got ripped back as I had an issue with it. I am, once again, ready to turn the heel. 

I have had quite a bit of time to think about painting our house this winter. Son's house is painted grey with white trim. They think it feels cool but I love it. It feels refreshing and clean. My goal is paint the upstairs of our house in the light grey and add a pop of colour to each room.  

Our grandson went to flag football last night. Not overly well organized as the instructor needs a second person to help her out. A few dads helped out during the last half and the children loved that part. 

The children learned a few new things but the delivery of the program needs to be improved. That is the teacher in me talking. 

Pearl, I bought the Algeria yarn as it is made in Uruguay. Our son is there at the moment presenting at an IT conference. When the family was there in August, they saw a lot of that brand of yarn in shops. The ladies are avid knitters and were sitting outside knitting during their visit. There is anticipation there might be a skien or two come home this trip. 

The other educational item I learned was when I discovered the brand Hereford in a Chinese grocery mart. 

This brand was made in Uruguay when we bought it. I don't remember having the hash but I remember the beef in a tin (I remember it being called Bully Beef) that we sliced, fried, and had as a treat. We didn't buy any of it but did buy 45 containers of a Chinese soup that our son loves. 

Today I am doing laundry so we can have a relaxing weekend. I will also knit on the socks and the mittens  plus do a bit of housework and make supper. 

Until the next time....................

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