Saturday, October 10, 2015

Drifting Dust

Yesterday’s weather started out warm and damp. In the afternoon, the temperature soared to a high of 24.5C or 76F. That gorgeous weather came in on winds that were gusting up to 68 km/h and the condition was “Drifting Dust”. Only in a desert? This morning it was 15C or 59F at 6 a.m. Very warm for us at this time of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving


It was grocery shopping day and I managed quite well. My back quit having spasms so I walked a lot in the stores we had to go to. It hurts on the left side so think I strained the muscles on that side getting out of a low slung car. It is healing slowly and I am getting more done each day.

At home, I helped cut plywood and put it up above the cupboards in the basement kitchen. I was up and down the step stool many times doing that. All is up but one piece. Then it is filling, priming and painting. Three days worth of work to complete that part.


I bought brown thread to hem two curtain panels. The Singer Featherweight will get set up and the sewing will be done.


I worked on the sock a bit after lunch and then in the evening. I have about 10 rows left to knit and then it will be decrease the toes to be done. The feet have knit up quickly.

Today, I would like to clean the downstairs bathroom and prep it for tile around the sink area. We leave after lunch to Daughter’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Home early this evening.

Until tomorrow……………………….

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