Saturday, October 17, 2015

Curtains Are Pinned

Yesterday was another lovely fall day. The sun shone all day and the high got to 17C or 62.5F. It was so lovely out in the sunshine, we didn’t want to be inside. We know this weather won’t last forever.


Yesterday morning we headed to the basement to do more tile work. While the Spousal Unit got started, I cleaned up the previous day’s work. Then we got to work in earnest and by noon we had used up all the spacers.


I had a few breaks while tile was cut, so I dug out the new sewing pins I bought and started to pin up the curtains that will be a closet door. I didn’t get far as we had to head out to get more tiling supplies. We are nearing the end of this project. Three months so far.

The Spousal Unit got more tile cut to be ready for the next tiling session. It certainly helps us keep going without too many breaks.

We did wander the upstairs while supper cooked planning on what we will upgrade. I can scrape every ceiling and we will pull off the window valances. It will slow down the process but will update the house, something we always think about. I will practice in the front entry as it is smaller than the sewing room. That way, I can sew some Christmas gifts.


Prior to moving to Kamloops, I bought four 96” curtain panels from the neighbour for this house. The price was perfect. The idea of hemming them not so perfect.

One of the panels has been hanging on the closet door for a bit. I needed to see it so I could think through the process. Didn’t help much until I started to handle the thing. At first it was choppy. Pin a bit, help put on tile. Then I got a bit of a break and I had it pinned enough so I hauled it up to the cutting table and finished pinning it. When I rehung it, it looked weird. So I took a chair and sat in the closet and repinned it carefully to the correct length. What I pinned up is straight across at the bottom but the amount I pinned up kind of angled. The floor isn’t that angled. The curtains are cut wrong.

The second panel got the same treatment. When I pulled them together, one panel was shorter than the other one. I spent a lot of time making them match evenly. Fuss, fuss, fuss. It was done by the time I needed to put all my attention to making dinner.


The reason I sat in the closet to pin up the curtains is that the area is dark and you can see the hems are straight by looking at the light coming through at the floor. It took me about 20 minutes to figure that one out but it made the job easier.

I get to  haul out the Singer Featherweight to hem these curtains. At least I know the bobbins are in the case with the machine v.s. not knowing which box I packed the bobbins in the the Diamond.

I plan on pressing the hems, machine basting them in place, and then measure to cut them off. Then turn under and machine stitch in place. Simple? Right? Wrong! I need to buy chalk to mark the depth of the hems as I don’t know where mine is packed. The joys of not being able to unpack the sewing room.


I got about 16 rows knit on the scarf yesterday. I had to tink 2 rows last night as I had a minor error. I am happy with the progress I made yesterday.

Today, we hope to do another bunch of tiling. We will go until the spacers run out. Then I will hem the curtains. If there is enough time, I need to do a bit of painting. I was hoping we would be done by Monday but that isn’t going to happen. I got a bit over zealous (well maybe a lot over zealous) as I want this basement suite done and rented out. Our life has been on hold for long enough.

Until tomorrow……………………………..


  1. Your basement suite is looking awesome! Whoever rents it will have a great place to live, I know you two will be glad to have it done. Our house has those popcorn ceilings in every room. It was built in 1970 so I guess that was the norm then. We got back from our trip to the Atlantic provinces a week ago. Just getting used to the time change. Had a wonderful trip but I gained 10 pounds so my blood sugar number are higher than they were before we left. Still below 7 but too high for me.

  2. I don't think I have commented before, but I am a regular reader of your blog. I am always impressed by the amount of projects you do in a day. You have a work ethic like none other!!!