Monday, October 05, 2015

Coming to the End of My Visit

It is cool here this morning in Edmonton at -6C or 22F. It was cool all weekend though yesterday the sun shone. 

I tried to post yesterday but I had Wifi problems. I spent enough time to blog three posts before I quit. Wifi worked better in the afternoon. 

On Saturday, I cleaned the downstairs while Daughter-in-Law and Grandson were out. After they got home, the fun began. While grandson got caught up on his math, we headed out to put away garden hoses. We ended up stretching the 100 foot hose out on the sidewalk, picking it up to untwist it. While winding it up, the water gushed out and got my feet wet. We had a great laugh doing it. 

The family down the street decorated their yard so while I was out, I got a picture of it. 

We headed inside to warm up and cleaned up some more, this time in the bedroom that she uses as her office. We had a great discussion while doing it. 

The evening was spent watching a movie and knitting. I got the mittens done and they fit perfectly. 

Then I tackled the hat. It goes home with me to be made into a shark. 

Yesterday was cool and sunny. We went shopping in the morning as Daughter-in-Law wanted to get a lot of her Christmas shopping done. It is becoming really busy at work for her right now. So we did a few stores and got everything done she had on her list. 

In the afternoon, I ripped out one of the socks and redid it. I wasn't happy with how loose the slip stitches were for picking up for the gusset. I redid the heel flap where these stitches are formed and gave a good tug on the slip stitches to make them smaller. It is a tension issue for me. The sock is ready to go for the foot. I will redo the other sock if I have time today. 

Today, I am hemming Son's jeans. Five pairs of them. I will do some laundry, pack my suitcase, and unknit those socks if I have time. We meet Son at the airport tonight and I leave tomorrow. My time in Edmonton is coming to an end. 

I may not get a post written until Thursday. Wednesday I have to be at the doctor's office early and will probably not have time to post before going. 

Until Thursday...................

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  1. You are leaving Edmonton and we will be back there on Friday. We have been away for three weeks and as great as it has been to visit here in Cape. Breton and. Newfoundland we are ready to go home. Going to PEI on Wednesday, staying in Truro on Wednesday night and flying home from Halifax on Friday morning. Long flight as we go directly to Calgary and then change planes fro Edmonton.