Monday, October 19, 2015

Another Day of Tiling

Though we had some clouds yesterday, it was a warm day. The high got to 18.6C or 65.5F. A friend who lives about a 90 minute drive west of us showed pictures of asters and a rose she picked yesterday. Even here in Kamloops, we see flowers blooming. This morning is a warm 8C or 47F. Such lovely weather as we head in to the last third of October.


Yesterday morning we left in a rush to get groceries we forgot to measure the closet in the bedroom. The shelf didn’t get bought. We did buy a box of tiles and will be returning them. Our math was so bad Saturday that we couldn’t figure out how many tiles we needed to finish the job if you paid us.

After we got home from shopping, I cleaned the fridge and stove as I unpacked the food. We had a quick lunch and headed to the basement. As the Spousal Unit prepped to put the tile in the bathroom, I removed the spacers in the kitchen and started to clean up the tiles so they can be grouted. Then we did the bathroom.


While I cleaned the vanity of all the cement drops, the Spousal Unit started prepping for the stove area. I cleaned the remaining tiles in the kitchen. It was hard work getting into the corner. My back rebelled until I got a foot stool to stand on. We then did the stove area until 4 p.m. and cleaned up.


After a quick pop and half a chocolate bar (low blood sugar), we headed out to where we will vote today. It is an easy drive but parking could be a pain. We got home to make supper and Skype with our grandson.


I knit 8 rows on the scarf before and after breakfast. As we were in a rush to work on the tiling, I didn’t knit at noon. So I had to knit extra in the evening, 8 rows while Skyping and 8 rows after that watching TV. 

While shopping, I found this yarn and had to buy three skeins of it. It has a silver sparkle in it which I liked with the red. It is acrylic which is fine with me. And very soft to the touch. I will make a hat, scarf, and mitts for myself out of it. It is a DK (3) weight so will be knit on smaller needles. I a going back to look at the other colours for someone else as a gift.


And because it is Downton Abbey, I will knit it as I watch the last season in January/February.

Today, we head out to vote early. We will come home and finish up the tiling. Who knows, we may start grouting. Fingers crossed as that means we are heading to finish line. Once that is done, there is some painting and cleaning to be done and the place will be advertised for rent. Woot! Woot!

Until tomorrow……………….

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  1. Anonymous7:51 AM

    The yarn looks lovely, you have a nice blog too.