Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Lot of Grouting Done

Though our temperatures have dropped slightly, we are continuing to enjoy beautiful sunny weather most days. Yesterday was gorgeous and we sat out in the sunshine absorbing the warm rays. Our high got to 15C or 59F. This morning our temperature is 5C or 41F. It seems as if the sun will be here for the next few days but our temperatures will drop slightly; frost in the morning and low teens in the day.


I have to say that my back is getting better. I do take muscle relaxants most days. On the days I don’t, I have to monitor what I do so I don’t do anything stupid. 

We worked in the basement yesterday morning applying grout to the tile.


Though grouting finishes the look of the tile, I hate this job especially in the hard to reach areas. I end up having to wipe it off the tiles, the cupboards, and the walls. As the grout dries on my hands, it makes my skin feel dry. But, we got a lot done before we ran out of the grout we mixed up. And by lunch to boot.


The tile will need to be wiped sometime today to remove the haze. We have the side wall, above the small tiles in the stove area, and the bathroom left to do. A couple of hours worth of work.

After lunch, we headed out to return tiles and buy the closet shelving material. The shelf got put in but not without its problems. Not huge problems but taking the shelf down four times isn’t fun. Also, it isn’t fun to put up the side holders and find the nails (yes nails) were too small and the holder flipped off the wall.


The closet area is swept out and needs to be vacuumed and mopped. This room needs to have everything removed so I can wipe it down and shut the door calling it finished.

Sewing Room

The sewing room closet got discussed yesterday. We are on the same page. The baseboard needs to come off, walls painted and the shelving units installed. What we want fits perfectly. I will hang heavy plastic on the opening when I start to scrape the ceiling to keep the dust out of that space.

We will have six weeks to work in that room. Ceilings need to be scraped and walls, baseboard, and new trim painted. I am staying with the light grey and white theme. The flooring won’t be done until later. The room will be Grandson’s bedroom while they are here for Christmas.


I did knit last night but I kept falling asleep. I think I got 12 rows done. I put the scarf down and promptly dozed off on the couch. So much for getting quite a few rows done.

Today, it is back to the basement. I need to to start putting things away while I wait to help the Spousal Unit. Coming to the end of the project has me twiddling my thumbs as I wait to help or to do jobs that have been designated to me. So I need to make a list of jobs to do down there and start on them. Todays project.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

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