Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Long and Busy Day

Though the temperature rose nicely, it was cloudy most of the morning and sunny in the afternoon. The high got to 13C or 55F. Perfect temperature to work outside in. This morning it is 1C or 33.5F and there are fog patches. Now we have true fall mornings - fog. More sunshine is on its way for the next couple of days.


We hit the basement in really good time yesterday morning. While the Spousal Unit got himself ready to do grout, I cleaned out the second bedroom and swept and vacuumed the floor. I then washed the floor and left it to dry. After that was done, I wiped the baseboards and a couple of areas on the floor and hung the curtains on the closet door. Done!




The room is a good size with a 6 foot closet. It would have made a great sewing studio if we didn’t want to rent out the basement.

The Spousal Unit got the grouting done and I got it all cleaned up. I now need to wipe the tiles down to clean off the grout haze. Once that is off, we can do the silicone sealer and seal the grout.

The afternoon was a different matter. We have been trying to get the renovation debris hauled away. One company has been called and texted 3-4 times to do the job. No response. After a quick call to the landfill, we got another phone number. At noon the Spousal Unit called that person to haul away the renovation debris. Twenty minutes later he returned our call and just over an hour later he arrived to do the job. Wood, metal, and a broken microwave left for us to deal with are gone.

While that was happening, I cleaned our bedroom. The dust bunnies multiplied and dust had drifted in as we have the bedroom window open all the time. I dusted furniture, wiped baseboard, and mopped the floor. It looks nice and clean in there.

After all that was done, the Spousal Unit and I cleaned our front porch and the entry way to the basement. All the dirt and cobwebs are gone. The Spousal Unit also swept part of the carport and cut up more cardboard for recycling. It is nice to get all that done. We both did a bit of a snoopy dance. It had been a long day of pushing ourselves and we were tired. But a happy tired.


I spent quite a while knitting last evening. I did a quick blocking on the ironing board to measure the length and 16” has been knitted. Not half done yet but it is coming along.



Elliott was a dork last night. He laid on the love seat and played sleeping. His ears twitched when we talked to him. When I chose to photograph him, he became a ham verging on being an idiot.


I missed taking a picture of him covering his eyes with his paw.

Today, I have to wipe the haze off the tiles while the Spousal Unit is out at an appointment. If he works on jobs only he can do, I will do more cleaning upstairs. There is plenty of that to do. If not, I will help him downstairs. This is a bit of “not knowing what I will do day”.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

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