Thursday, October 08, 2015

A Good Report

Yesterday was a pleasantly warm day that had some sun shine and blue skies. We also had a light rain shower last evening. The high got to 17.8C or 64F. This morning there is fog, clouds, and blue skies and it was 10C or 50F when we got up.


I headed out to the doctor’s office in good time yesterday morning. The results of the tests were great. A1C for glucose was 5.9 which is in the good range. It has dropped in the past year from 6.2. I still have to monitor what I eat and continue exercising.

My thyroid is at 1.8 which means no change in medication. I know that the number is going to go up in December which means I will have 6 weeks of feeling like a slug. I seem to have this happen in December/January on a yearly basis and another one seems to be showing up in the late spring.

After I got home, we headed out to get a sheet of plywood and the counter top for the downstairs kitchen. We unloaded it and into the house once we got home. After lunch, I swept up the kitchen, helped with one cabinet and picked up some stuff that needed to go in the garbage. There is no room for me to work in the downstairs kitchen. I need to sand the wall where the pipes come out for the kitchen sink and paint it and the wall behind the fridge. I ended up cleaning our kitchen. It looks nice and clean after 10 days of the Spousal Unit cooking for himself.


I hauled out the socks to work on while it was sunny. I ripped back the second sock to where I started knitting the heel flap. I reknit it again watching my tension. The slipped stitches were given a bit of a tug at the beginning of the row to make them smaller. Once that was done, I turned the heel and picked up the stitches for the gusset. All looked great so I knit the gusset. The socks are now ready for me to knit around and around and around until they are long enough to decrease for the toes.

I also looked at the shark hat and I need to get a ball of white wool for the teeth. I will use up the white wool as Grandson wants shark slippers for Christmas. I found the pattern here.

Today, I am not certain what I will be doing. My back has been sore for a week now and it went into spasms this morning. I need to do some housework and be of help downstairs. I will be applying heat to my back and stretching it out while it is warm.

Until tomorrow………………………….

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