Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Beautiful October

Yesterday morning was warm and we had a couple of showers. It then cleared off and was quite a nice day. At noon, the temperature was the same as it was at 6 a.m. (10C or 44F) but it got to 13C or 56F during the afternoon. This morning is warm at 7C or 44F and we have had rain. In all, we have had a beautiful October. We certainly can’t complain.

kitten halloween


In the morning, I cleaned the kitchen. Cupboards were wiped, appliances shined, and the floor scrubbed. It looks really very nice. I certainly wonder how we get so much dust in this house. You can see it everywhere.

After completing the kitchen, I painted the sewing room closet. The grey is very light and perfect for the closets. We have decided the walls will be one shade darker as the pale grey looks white on the walls where I tested.

While I was cleaning, the Spousal Unit put more mud on the front hall closet. This closet had a piece removed and a unit put in.



Then the Spousal Unit removed the box piece and we had a more rustic look.


It now looks like this -- closed in more like a closet.


I see more painting in the future as we need this functioning for winter. Right now I am thrilled with how it has transformed into a closet which will have doors on it. YES!!

In the afternoon, we both cleaned the small dining area. The small fridge got moved out to clean the dust behind it. We lifted the table up and put felt circles on the bottom of the legs. Everything got wiped down and the floor scrubbed. Again, the amount of dust had us shaking our heads. We also cleaned up the paper on the table. We get a free newspaper three times a week. Advertising pays for the paper and it is amazing how many flyers are in the paper. If you let it accumulate for three days, you pretty much loose the top of the table. All of it is gone and the table is pretty clean.

We had to go and get more mud and paint later in the afternoon. When we came out of the store, we were shocked to see the traffic backed up two miles in front of the store. We lucked out with a break in the traffic and got into the line up. Rush hour traffic on a Friday night is something to avoid. We did some grocery shopping and headed home.


I did knit on the scarf last night. I got 20 rows knit on it before I fell asleep on the couch. I have to block and measure it again. I have knit most of first ball of yarn and need to see the length prior to starting the next ball.

Today, I am back at work for 8 hours. It is the last day of the sale and Halloween. It will be either really busy or quite quiet. A new sale starts tomorrow (I got the flyer last night via email). I have a feeling we will be cleaning up the store in preparation for the new sale.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

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