Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wires Need To Be Connected

Yesterday was cool and sunny. It got to 16C or 61F. This morning it was a cool 3.6C or 38.5F. I guess Fall has announced it is on the way. Time to find my jacket for the morning.


We headed out in good time to give our vials of blood. The Spousal Unit sees the Oncologist next week and I see our family physician the day after I get home from Edmonton.

From there we went to get more supplies for the basement. I decided I could paint furniture during my wait time. I picked up some great natural white paint for that. I used the same paint on the fireplace and mantle and it has an iron finish. While waiting for the Spousal Unit to get his items, I looked, once again, at paint samples. I picked out a grey and bought a litre of paint to test in the sewing room. I will start in the closet and if it is too light, I will do the room in the next darkest shade. I have a feeling all the closets will be done in this light shade of grey (second from the bottom).



Once home, we both got to work. The Spousal Unit worked on the opening for the electrical panel. He got it all cut out and was ready to frame it at noon. I hauled down the table and got the first coat of primer on it. I would call it ugly.


The second coat is somewhat better but somehow paint drips appeared after I was done and left the room. Some scraping needs to be done and a third coat of primer put on prior to the paint being applied.

While I cleaned up the kitchen (where does all the dust come from?), the Spousal Unit worked on the light in one of the bedrooms. He dealt with a junction box and fixed up how the new ceiling light goes on to the drop ceiling. When done, we noticed the living room light switch didn’t work. We would get a new one.

We then headed out to get cupboard doors for the electrical panel and the light switch. It was raining, there had to be an accident as traffic was backed up, and we were in rush hour traffic. When we came out from the hardware store we saw a beautiful rainbow.


And continued to see it while we finished up our shopping. It was quite bright.

When we got home, we discovered there was no power to the fridge. Not a good sign. The Spousal Unit went down to the junction box. He had taken all the wires apart and put merits on each of the four wires prior to covering the junction box. He had to put the wires back together as he had cut the power off to the living room light and the fridge. Whew!! it was a quick fix.


I finished the second mitten last night. These ones go to Edmonton with me as a prototype for our grandson’s mitten.


I am happy with them knowing how I can adjust the pattern to fit his hand. I have now hauled out some knitting that needs buttons and ribbon to finish them. When done, I will meet my friend who delivers them to the hospital’s neo natal ward. I remain anonymous. After that, I am going to work on swatches and try and get them out to be evaluated.

Today, I am out of the house again to meet the lady who has taken over my literacy position. When done, I am having lunch out, getting new runners and then heading out to look at supplies for a scarf I want to make. I need to get a tiny crochet hook and see if they have the right size beads. On my way home, I may zip up the road from our place and look in the quilting and knitting shops. It is my day out. If I am home early enough, I will work on the table as I would love to put the first coat of paint on tomorrow.

Until tomorrow………………………………

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