Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Upset the Apple Cart

Yesterday was a wet one. It rained most of the day and early evening. The high was 17C or 62F. At one point, the Spousal Unit took the dog out to do her business and both of them stood in the carport watching the rain come down. The sun is suppose to shine sometime today and it is to get warmer for the next 5 days.



It seemed as if yesterday was “upset the apple cart” day. First we slept in as were tired. We had just finished our coffee when the phone rang and the store called to let us know they would be delivering our couch and side table in an hour. What a wake up call.

The couch arrived and the guys were fabulous, once again. As they had delivered our love seat, they knew the house layout and what to do. Done in no time flat and off to do 39 more deliveries.


As we are not unpacked, it really isn’t in its right spot. But, Elliott gave it a 10/10 for napability.


As we were heading down to the basement to work, I got an email that upset me and I spent the next 5 hours working through it. I call it the “demise of the rodeo queen seamstress”. Orders have been cancelled with comments of “off the rack” clothing to be worn. I called the lady in charge and she was shocked to hear that. I told what she needed to fix the situation. I then find out the committee she is on is in a fragile state. She is the only executive member (the rest quit) with a few directors. I think she has a lot of things happening including this one. I did the best I could but it really left me stressed out. This morning, I am over it.

Hence, it took me most of the day to paint the downstairs bathroom. It is done except the wall with the mirror on it. The room looks good now and once the second coat of paint is on and the floor scrubbed, it will be a really great bathroom. We will add a back splash at the sink for a bit of extra.

The Spousal Unit worked on kitchen cabinets. He got two made and has one left to go.


The cabinet beside the sink is made but we didn’t move it as the glue was still wet.


The ribbing on the mitten is about half done. I was slow last night as I was tired. And stressed.

Today, I have to do some shopping and then paint the bathroom the second coat of paint. It seems to be a busy day but I get to go out.

Until tomorrow…………………….

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