Monday, September 21, 2015

Thinking Through The Stash

Yesterday was an unusual day. The weather people said cloudy, showers, and strong winds. We were sunny for most of the day and hit 23C or 74F. It finally clouded up later in the afternoon and we had showers. Unlike Ashcroft were friends and family reported strong winds and rain (1/2” to be exact). This morning we have cool temperatures and clouds. The clouds are breaking up for a sunny day.


Yesterday we headed out to get some groceries and to get the mini blinds and bathroom fan for the downstairs apartment. That bathroom fan is starting to become a long story and it still hasn’t been bought. UGH!!

The mini blinds we bought had to be cut shorter. The lady who was cutting them was talking to a couple of us customers. One person was buying the white faux wooden blinds like we have in our house. When that person left, the lady told me to ditch the blinds room by room as they do not keep the rooms cool in the summer or warm in the winter. She told me to put up the room darkening honey comb blinds as they work wonders in our climate.


I am going to start in the sewing room and do that window first and maybe add curtains as it is a south facing window. The goal will be to have the three south facing windows replaced this winter and maybe all will be replaced by summer 2016.

In the afternoon, we hung the mini blinds and a curtain rod. I also moved useless stuff out of one bedroom and then stopped for the day. I was tired and am thinking I need to charge my light to use in the mornings to combat SAD. This is the latest I  have gone without using it. More time outside this fall.

Sewing Room

I had a wander through the sewing room thinking about the room. It was a two fold thought process.

First of all, I have decided to paint the walls of the room one colour. There will be no feature wall in a darker shade of gray. If the floor goes, I will be putting in some type of flooring that is easy on my back and legs. It could be cork or a flooring with a nice cushion underneath it.

Second, I thought about what I want to make when the room is done. It seems so long ago that I sewed anything. It has been almost a year now. I then wandered out and looked at all the packed boxes in the living room and a lot of them are marked sewing room. There is a quite a bit of fabric in those boxes.

This sewing room is 10 x 10 feet with a closet. I have lost about 32 square feet from what I had in my old sewing room plus another smaller room for craft supplies (aka the Exercise Room). I really don’t have a lot of space, other than the closet, for the stash. So I must think how to downsize the stash to a workable size.

Each month, I want to sew on the days I am not updating a room. We have said a room a month with some months having no updating. Those off days will allow me to sew both garment and craft fabrics. I want to decrease the down to next to nothing and then begin to buy project by project. Ultimately I could have a bit of a stash if I go to an out of town fabric store. There will be limits though due to the limited storage in the house.


While in the sewing room, I looked at the yarn in the stash. I am nearing the end of charity knitting for a couple of years. Though I have a fair amount of yarn to knit for us, it isn’t a huge amount. I will continue to knit my way through it. I know the sock yarn is going to take the longest to knit through but knit on it until it is gone. My goal is to bring in only the yarn for one project plus the yarn for the courses I am taking.

I did knit the last swatch of the beginner’s knitting course before dinner. It was a quick knit for me.


This swatch show cased eyelets and decreases. I may get a note on the eyelets when I send the swatch in to be reviewed. I knit them on the tips of the needles but they look too big to me.

I set up a pair of socks for Grandson. The wool is a lovely discontinued yarn from Michaels. I love it and have enough of another colour to knit 2 more pairs of socks for him.


These will go with me to Edmonton so I can fit them on the feet for length. I am thinking of doing 30 rows of ribbing and then switching to plain knitting this time. The blue plastic safety pin marks 10 rows knit. When I get the ribbing done on this sock, I will start the second sock. I love to knit socks like this as they end up being the same length all around.

Today is work in the basement kitchen day. We have top cupboards to finish hanging and would love to get the bottom ones in place to level. I have some of the floor to wash and have some touch up painting in the two bedrooms. It will be a longer day for us.

Until tomorrow……………………..

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