Friday, September 11, 2015

The Basement Renovation is Coming To An End

Yesterday was a gorgeous day with a high of 27.6C or 81.7F. The a/c ran in the afternoon but we expected that. This morning is a lovely 12C or 54F. That is perfect as we are to get to 32C or 89-90F for the next couple of days.


Yesterday I painted the 2nd coat in the bathroom. My big issue is how pink it looks in there compared to the other rooms. I am changing the light bulbs as the ones I have give a true daylight look. They can go in the sewing room.

After the room was painted, we decided to get out the door knobs and put them on. We had a bit of a gong show as we both do it differently. At times it was down right painful. But they are on. I had some wait time so I cleaned and put the switch/plug covers on where I could. Light shades in the kitchen were washed and put back on. The Spousal Unit did a clean up of tools, fixed one heat vent and put its cover on, and got me tools and “notions” that I needed.

Though it didn’t seem like a lot, we worked a full 5 hours in the basement. At that point, the new appliances arrived and the old ones left. We called it a day for working in the house. Our backyard neighbour came over to let us know that he is having the cedar hedge between us trimmed on Monday and will be over on Wednesday to clean up the mess it makes in our yard. He is a co-worker of a friend’s son we found out. Small world.

Sewing Room

I have pretty much resigned to the fact that I won’t be painting the room until I get back from Edmonton in early October. I am back to deciding if I want grayed taupe or just pale gray on the walls in the house. This is driving me nuts. I need to get a grey paint swatch and do some deep thinking. It also allows me to look, once again, at our son’s house. Their whole place is painted gray and they do have brown furniture in the TV room.

I did see a sewing room layout that I liked so am going to play around in my room when I have an hour here and there. I am sure that something will come out of the play time. I may get a layout I like.


I knit on the mitten last night, got the gusset done and am working on the hand. I am writing the instructions as I go. I am seeing that I may do the cuff in a size smaller needle if and only if it fits our grandson. No pictures last night as I just knit.

Today, I have to do some painting, scrub the bathroom floor, and try to wash the basement kitchen window. Throw in a couple of loads of laundry also. We have an electrician coming late this afternoon to look at the electrical in the house. I am sure it will be another busy day but the work in the basement is coming to an end. It is a nice feeling to have.

Until tomorrow………………………….

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