Saturday, September 12, 2015

Testing A Furniture Arrangement

Yesterday was quite warm and sunny. We had a high of 30C or 86F. It did cool off to 14C or 57F, which is perfect. Today we get the same type of weather - sunny and quite warm. We will be sitting outside some again today to soak up the sunshine.


The bathroom got the last bit of paint put on where the mirror was hung and then I started to scrub the floor. It is done and looking quite nice. Then, I caulked about 70 feet of baseboard to cover the gap between the baseboard and wall. Put on caulk, smooth, and clean up so I didn’t have to do any extra painting. Took me about 3 hours but it looks great. My butt and thighs are sore from that job.

We had the first electrician in and he is recommending we have a new electrical panel put in. Bigger so we don’t have to have a pony panel. The next electrician comes in on Monday morning but we will have a few little things done before he arrives that we got the okay to do. If we go with the new electrical panel, the kitchen is on hold until that is done.

I had a bit of a rough day yesterday. I was near snapping at the Spousal Unit at noon and the glucose test showed 5.2 -- hungry. As we were late for dinner and it was hot, we headed out to get something for dinner. I was biting off the Spousal Unit’s head and really had to watch myself. Test done and it was 4.8. My grouchy number was on the meter.

Sewing Room

I had a bit of time to play in the sewing room. I placed the sewing cabinet out from the wall and then went to move the cube storage unit to its place. I put felt pads on the bottom so I can slide it. The Spousal Unit came to help and Elliott supervised.


I had to take all the Fibre Optic/modem, etc. off the brown table and it is now on the floor.


What needs to be standing up is now standing up. But, it is still on the floor. The biggest piece won’t fit into the cube. It is just bigger than the cube.


I suggested a 15” wide tower against the wall and I am not too sure if that suggestion was well received. I would remove the baseboard and screw it to the wall. Leave it there as a permanent fixture and put the cube unit beside it. We wait and see.


I did knit on the mittens last night. They are looking good this time.


As I look at the mitten I see two things:

  1. The ribbing should be knit on a size smaller needle (I did mention that).
  2. I will have to look at the number of rows between the top of the ribbing and where I start increasing the gusset. It looks like it needs more rows. That will be decided upon when they are tried on.


I have about 2.5 inches left to knit on the hand before the top is decreased. These will be completed before I leave.

I felt like this from having low glucose readings. As a result, I fought the urge to fall asleep while knitting.


Today, we have to grocery shop and look for ideas for the sewing room. I am wanting to scoot around the floor and touch up paint nail heads in the baseboard and trim in the afternoon. After that, I will have one more day of touch up and one day to fix up around the new electrical panel area. 

Until tomorrow………………….

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  1. Elliott had the nap for you. It will be nice to have your sewing room the way you want it. I moved my sewing room upstairs and I have less space but I left all my fabric downstairs so it works out great. We have a basement suite in our house but have never rented it out. Various relatives have lived there off and on but the past few years I used the living room as my sewing room. The stairs are getting too much for me so that is the reason I am upstairs. I find it much more convenient also.