Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Pushing Forward

Yesterday was cool; the temperatures were below the average. The high got to 21C or 70F. The wind blew most of the day also. When I went outside, I sat where it didn’t blow as I hate the wind. This morning is a cool 11.5C or 53F and it is suppose to get to a high of 18C or 64F. 


Yesterday morning I headed to the basement and painted the ceiling in the kitchen. I pushed myself to get it done. I sweat like crazy and was tired by the time I had finished. The long handle for the roller busted and I had to climb up and down the ladder to do the job. No screaming knees or hips. I did head down later in the afternoon to fix up any missed spots. There were four small ones.

The Spousal Unit was outside hand tilling the back lawn. He finished the tilling and is ready to rake and seed the lawn. He decided to do this by hand as it is a small area that the previous owner let his dogs destroy while they had the property listed for sale. What was lovely turfed lawn was a total mess. The message we got was they wouldn’t be willing to negotiate on any issues we had with house and yard.

We were both tired in the afternoon. We alternated between doing a few things that needed doing and resting. For me, it could have been the wind. It sucks the energy right out of me. Or it could have been that I haven’t been sleeping well. I have been awake a lot during the night lately going over what we need to do to finish up the basement apartment. Too active a brain.


While resting in the afternoon and between doing things we needed to get done, I read a blog written by a lady who alters wedding dresses. Her writing style gave me a lot of good laughs. I understand how she feels when she has to alter wedding and bridesmaids’ dresses that are poorly/cheaply made. Or how people send in their measurements and get dresses that are either too big or too small. Or they purposely buy too big or too small for reasons known only to themselves. I admire her for what she does in the world of bridal alterations. Not for me, thank you very much.

I do have to say that the one wedding I sewed for was a delight and am glad I never did another one. The bride and bridesmaids were wonderful to work with. Everything went smoothly and when I said I couldn’t do something, they didn’t pressure me to try and do it. I think the reason it went smoothly was I sewed each dress from start to finish with lots of fittings.


I did hem a dress for a bridesmaid and it was an interesting job. I did get it done and the girl was happy. Along the way I learned how to say NO as I had several inquiries which included changing the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses that came from China. All I could see with that was limp rags.

When rodeo sewing, I only had one customer with one dress that drove me batty. I spent many, many hours embroidering the dress and putting on the crystals.

I sent it off to her and a few months later it was returned stuffed in a box saying it was too big. Hmmmmm……….too big when the seams were pulled saying it was too small on her. She had lost weight and wanted it taken in two sizes. For free. Wow!!!!! I did the best I could with that dress. I had two more to make for her and stated I would make them but wouldn’t do any alterations for free if she lost more weight. She got the message. I have to say that the remaining clients were great. One had to have a dress taken in after she lost weight and they got someone local to do it for them.

I have to say that I am happy that I am no longer doing this type of sewing.

Today, I am painting the kitchen walls. First coat which will look ugly when dried. The furnace guys are coming after lunch to run the furnace in preparation for fall. I am sure they will try to roast me out so I plan on being prepared to sit outside for a while. Laundry and housework will fill in the gaps. A fairly busy day.

Until tomorrow………………………….


  1. Your rental suite is going to be so nice you jet may want to keep it for yourselves. Lol.
    I agree that sewing for others can be stressful sometimes, I used to find it hard to say no when they asked me to sew for them , free of course. But now I am older and a bit wiser and I just say no. I sew only for husband, son, grandson and myself. The lawns here in E town are all dried from lack of rain. Weather forecast promises rain every now and then but we rarely get any. Oh well, snow will soon cover them up. I was looking at some pictures from last year and we had snow on sept 14. It didn't last but still snow, not ready for it yet.

  2. What madness is a bride! Or., apparently a rodeo queen!
    You brought back some memories!