Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Progress Is Being Made

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day. It was warm but not hot with a high of 19C or 66F. I did sit outside for a while soaking up the sunshine. This morning was a cool 3C or 37C at 7 a.m. The Spousal Unit thinks there is frost on some of the roofs on our street.


We spent most of the morning in the basement. I am Helper Joe to the Spousal Unit. So between helping, I did the little touch up painting in the two bedrooms and washed the floor in one bedroom. It wasn’t dirty, just dusty. Then it was putting two coats of paint on part of the table for the sewing room.

On the other hand, the Spousal Unit was busy. He spent a lot of time getting the pieces ready for one top cabinet. Then it was on to the bathroom fan while glue dried and finally back to the cabinet.

The bathroom fan has kept us thinking to the point of exhaustion. Yesterday, it was completely removed from the bathroom ceiling. Our fingers were crossed that we can install a bigger and quieter fan. Yes we can. Then the Spousal Unit started from the outside to see how this was put together. In the end, he has to replace the flex hose as it was in two pieces, put on a new end piece on the outside wall and hook the hose to the new fan. Easy to say, but it could be somewhat more difficult to do, especially the flex hose. I will leave him to do that while I am away.

While the bathroom fan was being dealt with, I removed the flattened packing boxes to “Grumpy’s Garage” and stored them up on a top shelf. I also cleaned up around the fridge so I can wash it out and list it for sale on Wednesday. Progress is being made. We seem to be 2 weeks behind though.

I decided to charge the SAD light as I find I am tired and dead feeling part way through the day. I also set the thermostat so the a/c would run part of the afternoon. I did notice the air in the house has been stale lately. With the cool air blowing, I did feel somewhat better. I may end up having to open windows to allow the air to move in the house though I need to be careful I don’t get the house too warm. Our daytime temperatures at still warm enough to make the house hot if we aren’t careful.


I had some time yesterday to knit during the day and then again in the evening. I got 30 rows knit on the first sock and then cast on and knit 30 rows on the second sock. Not hard to do as you go around and around and around.


The orange yarn is waste yarn. It’s job is to mark the beginning of the round (BOR). I need it as I knit 2 stitches from the left needle to the right needle so I don’t have ladders (loose stitches) between needles. The blue and orange safety pins are used to mark each 10th row. Saves me counting from the beginning when knitting a specific number of rows.

I love this yarn as it is soft and lovely to knit. What I dislike is how many yards there is between colour repeats. You can’ afford to start your socks to look exactly alike with this yarn. Our grandson doesn’t care as long as they keep his feet warm.

These socks are now set aside until I get to Edmonton. I will decide if I want to do the ribbing down to the heel and then on the top of the foot.

Today, we are heading out to Kelowna. The Spousal Unit goes to the Cancer Clinic for his yearly check up. We have a couple of stops in Kelowna and we have to be home by dinner time. It is going to be a busy day.

Until tomorrow………………………

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