Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Progress In The Kitchen

Yesterday was a glorious day with lots of sunshine and a high of 23C or 74F. This morning, we woke to it raining at 4:30 and it has been raining ever since. It was dark enough that we slept in this morning. Thank you rain for that.


We were tired yesterday and started work in the basement a bit late. But we put in a full day. First up was to get the corner base cupboard finished and in place.


That corner cupboard was like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. We then took stock of the sizes of the four cupboards left and while the Spousal Unit made the next one, I finished painting the bathroom ceiling. I had started it prior to helping with the corner cupboard.

The second cupboard was made and I helped move it out and into place. I continued painting the trim and bathroom door while the Spousal Unit finished the cabinet and did a few outdoor chores.


Those chores included cutting up cardboard boxes to fit into the recycle bin. We both finished at about the same time. While have a big glass of water, we soaked up the sunshine. In fact it was so warm, we both started to doze off.


In the evening, I knit on the mitten. It is done.


And Prototype 3 is on the needles. The next size up which is 4 stitches more.


Same pattern but with a few changes. I am ready to tackle this one for our grandson to try on. I still have a lot of yarn left (about 8 ounces) so I plan on making a toque and, maybe, a scarf for a child. I really need to use up this yarn.

Today, I have to head out to shop and then will paint the bathroom walls the first coat. I know that I will be on call for more kitchen cupboard installation. I want to knit on the mittens tonight and write up the changes I am making. Our grandson ordered his mittens and a toque in gray.

Until tomorrow………………….

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  1. Downstairs kitchen looks good with the new cupboards.