Monday, September 14, 2015

Missed Post But A Lot Got Done

I missed posting yesterday. I wrote and then forgot to finish up.

Though Saturday was warm and sunny, with a high of 31C or 88F, Sunday was cool. We saw a high of 22C or 72F. There was a cool wind and at 5 p.m. it showered. Today is sunny but the high is suppose to be less than yesterday. Are we moving towards fall weather; probably.


On Saturday, we shopped and then put the sconce lights up in the downstairs’ living room. When on, they make the room very bright.


They are not exactly where I would have put them but we weren’t fooling around with electrical. I think if a large mirror or picture goes above the fireplace it will look better.

Yesterday, I entered the basement with a goal of not emerging until I was finished all the touch up painting. I emerge to have lunch and went back to it. Touch up paint day entailed 4 cans of paint and a tiny paint brush. I started at the fireplace, did the trim around it, then did about 70 feet of baseboard. With my head crammed against the wall, I touched up the top of the baseboard and then painted over the nail holes. That wondrous job was finished at noon. In the afternoon, I did more touch up painting in the other rooms - ceiling and more trim. I was sore at the end of the day and happy it was done.

Sewing Room

Saturday afternoon I went into the sewing room to try and figure out how to deal with all the internet/modem/TV junk/boxes and cords. It was a snarled up mess and I was quite vocal about that. I hate cords being in a mess and these were tangled good. I unplugged it all and diligently untangled it all. An hour later I was ready to organize. When I started to untangle, I had pushed the cube away from the area so I had lots of room to lay out the boxes and cords. When done I pushed it back into place. Carefully, we put the TV box on the top with the TV. The modem, one fibre optics box, and who knows what the other box is was put on a shelf in the cube. It all fit but the power bar and the fibre optics box that has the delicate wires coming from the wall to it. I had to set that onto a cardboard box between the cube and the wall. It worked.


My knitting stash, books, and notions are in the six tubs. The two empty cubes have empty tubs in them.


The brown table has been moved over to beside the cutting table and is suppose to hold the press. The ironing board still has to be placed in the room but it will fit in there nicely. With a bit of fiddling, I hope to pull the cutting table into the middle of the room when I cut patterns.

The nice thing -- we didn’t have to buy any furniture to put in the room. A big YES!!


I worked on the mitten for the past two evenings and got it done. It may be a bit long for the grandson but we won’t know that until I get there.


I am deciding if I am going to make him the Crochet Shark Toque or if I will knit a plain toque for him. I will go armed with patterns to show him.

While in Edmonton, I will type up the instructions adding the pictures as I knit our grandson’s woollen mittens. I have to make him a toque and I hope to knit on the swatches for the course I am taking. And, if I am lucky, I would love to go to River City Yarn store. I want to buy some yarn to make a cowl with beads knit in it. I have some acrylic yarn to do a prototype for Daughter-In-Law. Now, to find the size 8 circular beads in black.

I am also reading a great book on knitting Knitting in Plain English by Margaret Righetti. Her approach starts with looking at pictures of knit items and then moves to instructions, gauge, notions, and what you need in your knitting bag. I have learned a few things along the way that I will be using. First of all I have to buy a couple of things and then find a couple of things. I have her second book Sweater Design in Plain English. I look forward to reading that one also.

Today, I am washing the downstairs kitchen window and the corner cupboard. After that, I plan on tackling some jobs that should be/could be done in our part of the house. The second mitten will be started today also.

Until tomorrow…………………………

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  1. In case you are interested....Fabricland is across the street from River City Yarn.