Monday, September 28, 2015

In Edmonton

I am in Edmonton getting use to the cooler temperatures here. It was gorgeous when I left Kamloops and the flight over was sunny. As we approached Edmonton, we flew into a storm cloud, had rain and even saw two rainbows. That was really cool. 

When I got to the baggage pick up area, Daughter was waiting for me. We talked a few minutes and, was I surprised when Grandson popped out from behind some pillars. 

 I certainly was surprised as I thought he was away for the weekend. They kept it a secret from me. 

We waited for the luggage to come and then headed out for supper. It was a lovely evening with family. 

Yesterday was a busy one for us. Laundry, grocery shopping, and the movie Hotel Transylvania 2 with our grandson and one of his friends. It was in 3-D and extremely funny. 

Last night we decided to head out to watch the lunar eclipse. We thought we would have to go out of town to see it. We drove 2 minutes to the park and stood in the near freezing temperatures to look at the spectacular sight. We came home when it had peaked. We stood out on the deck to watch it a bit more. In actuality, we didn't have to leave the property to get a spectacular view. We could have watched it on the deck. We tried to take pictures and only got a black sky. 

There is a cat in the household and he is quite affectionate. He gives rounds of kisses to everyone and talks to you. The first night I was here, he came into the bedroom, touched me and scared me out of a deep sleep. In the mornings, this is what I see at the bedroom door. 

Today I am alone at the house. I am going to do a bit of laundry, a bit of house work, and knitting on the mittens. I hope to show you a finished mitten tomorrow. It is going to be a quiet day for me. 

Until tomorrow...............

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