Saturday, September 19, 2015

Gnashing Our Teeth

Yesterday was a lovely day. Warm and sunny. The high got to 21C or 71F. This morning it is 14C or 57F. We are having light rain showers though. Not complaining as we need the moisture.


We were tired yesterday to the point of grouchy. I headed down to paint one area in the kitchen. I tried to be extra careful not to get paint splatter on anything and it happened. I gnashed my teeth together. The Spousal Unit went to work on a spacer for one cupboard and the new spacers are different than the old ones. He gnashed his teeth together. He headed out to find out if he could get some more of the old spacers and I worked on the table for the sewing room.

I sanded the table to try and get the drips of primer off. It isn’t perfect as the primer stuck like glue to the table. I put another coat of primer on and got paint on the floor four feet away. Not one drop but lots of drops. As I washed the paint off the floor, I kept brushing the table to get rid of the drips that were forming. The Spousal Unit came home without the old type of fillers and in a bad mood. We both went into time out mode. Each to our own corner to get over it. No talking. It worked.

After lunch, we headed outside to dig up plants for Daughter. She got 3 bag full which we will deliver today. Two other plants were left as they were full of aphids. There are more plants to come out and head to the composting site in the city. We are only keeping 2 delphiniums and the Val d’Or lilies. We are adding a weigela bush, hostas, Dolce, and a hydrangea to the flower bed. Simple and easy to care for.

We bought the weigela bush on Thursday. We love it for the colour of the leaves. It will grow to the height we want -- 6 to 8 feet tall.


This bush has its spot chosen and several bushes no one new the names of had to be removed. Most were dead or near dead so no big loss. One bush was thriving and no one new what it was. I thought it was a Spiraea but was told it wasn’t that and it needed to be tossed.


The Spousal Unit reached into the bush and found a tag -- the first one to be found on all the plants in that flower bed. It is a Minuet Weigela of which we are thrilled to keep in the flower bed. The Spousal Unit pruned it to give it shape and to thin it out for better growth.


In the end, he removed about 50% of the foliage. In the spring, he will fertilize it to keep it healthy. Though it only grows to 30 inches in height, we will add it to some other plants near the front of the flower bed.

We had just finished up that little job when the person who was to a risk assessment of our place for the insurance company arrived. We were confused as to why he was coming but it was to assess the downstairs apartment. We are pretty much up to standards with the grandfathering of certain things. We have to buy 2 fire extinguishers and 2 smoke detectors that talk to each other. As we are anal about everything being up to code, permits drawn, and neat work, the house got a pass.

The person was interested in what we are doing with the house and feels the hardwood floors have been sanded once and due to their thinness they will have to be replaced. It didn’t surprise me at all. We will get a person who does hardwood floors to give us their opinion but we won’t be surprised if the floors are toast.


I finished knitting one swatch and started another one. Two left after that and I will be done. Once they are blocked, I will send them off to be reviewed. No pictures last night as I was too busy knitting.

Today, we are heading out to our Daughter with the plants and a TV. We will spent a couple of hours visiting with her. She wants us to tell her how to prune her cherry trees and we will help her plant the flowers we are giving her. A day trip for us even though it is raining.

Until tomorrow……………………

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