Saturday, September 26, 2015

Flight Day

Yesterday was wet and cool. The high got to 18C or 64F. The light rain fell most of the day leaving it grey and dreary here. Today looks to be about the same without the rain.


We headed out first thing in the morning for the Spousal Unit to give blood and to have a chest X-ray. Two different locations about a mile apart. Two hidden gems where you don’t have to find parking when having the testing done at the hospital (near impossible to find parking there). We did some grocery shopping and got home just before noon. The Spousal Unit got a call from the lab and has to give blood again on Monday morning as they can’t hold the samples over the weekend. Fun and games.

After lunch we did a few things that needed to be done. I packed most everything for my trip. I did one load of laundry. We both found it hard to get focussed as the weather was depressing. One of those days. UGH!!!!!


I did knit about 5 rounds on the mittens. Everything is put away and I spent a frantic 30 minutes trying to find the needle gauge I use to size my unmarked needles. I did not find it and am really annoyed. I did find the bag of knitting needles I packed. I absolutely have no idea where I put it. In the end, I took two sets of points for the circular needles and will do a swatch to get the proper gauge. At least I have two tape measures in my kits.

Today is flight day. I have a load of laundry to do, finish packing, and be ready to leave by 11:15 a.m. I will be busy until then. I have a book to read on the flight which is about an hour long. Then it will be visiting time with Daughter-In-Law. Son will be boarding his flight soon and will land in Panama City tonight and catch his next flight in the morning. Grandson is away until tomorrow night so it will be a visiting night for us. I bet we knit while we talk.

I may not post tomorrow. That remains to be seen.

Until the next time……………………….

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