Sunday, September 06, 2015

First Kitchen Cabinet Installed

It was a beautiful day yesterday with lots of sunshine. We sat outside after lunch and soaked up the sun. The high got to 23.8C or 75F. The mornings continue to be cool but that usually means sunshine during the day. This morning it was 5.9C or 42.8F at 6 a.m. Light jacket weather in the mornings.


Yesterday morning, I headed downstairs and finished cleaning the bathtub. It took a full 90 minutes to finish up. The amount of silicone that came off the whole tub was 3 dustpans about half full each time. 

Elliott chose to sleep under the extra blanket on our bed yesterday. He was toasty warm.


I lifted the blanket to check on him and once I put it back, he slept for 4 more hours.

The Spousal Unit put together what he thought was the last upper cabinet. How wrong he was, he missed the one above the sink area. We found that out at the end of the day.

The Spousal Unit is excited as he thinks the grass seed has sprouted. He watered the lawn right after lunch to keep the soil moist. While he did that, I scrubbed the tub clean. All I can say is WOW! It is shiny clean.

We finally got the first cupboard up. We measured, drew lines, found studs, marked said studs, said weird things when studs went missing. I drew a simple picture of the cabinet layout. The Spousal Unit put up two boards to hold the cabinets steady while we put them in place. No issue as we will be putting tile on for a backsplash.


Yes, the first cabinet is in and we did a small dance. The Spousal Unit had to get more supplies and I got to have a break. Then we got the next cabinet planned out. A filler strip had to go on the left hand side of the cabinet which is sitting on the floor awaiting the strip.


The Spousal Unit got it done and we got it up and in place. Pictures tomorrow as we hope the one wall will be completed. How exciting is that. For me it means the end is getting near.


I worked on the second mitten in the evening, got the thumb gusset done and knit on the hand.


It was actually smooth knitting as Elliott slept on the Spousal Unit’s side of the loveseat.


Look at that fat belly.

Today, I will start out scrubbing the remaining bathroom walls and move into the kitchen to help put up more cabinets. Another busy day in our household.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

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  1. Good to have the end in sight! You have done a lot of work. We have rain and 7 degrees here this morning. Supposed to rain all day. This cool weather makes mecwantbto knit. Elliott looks so comfy with his blanket. He sure is a big boy.