Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Fireplace Installation Day

Yesterday’s weather was a combination of sunshine and clouds. The wind also blew. The high got to 21.4C or 70.5F. This morning is cool again at 12.5C or 55F. The a/c hasn’t run for two days in a row. The cloudy weather is suppose to leave us after tomorrow which will be nice. Mid 20C or mid 70F temps but I can handle that.


The kitchen got the first coat of paint by lunch time. I do know I have to do a second coat as my first coat is usually thin. It seems to be the way I roll on the paint.


When I was just over half done painting the kitchen, the furnace people arrived early to calibrate our new furnace. That meant I had to stop painting as the kitchen was going to get hot and I would get sick. They did the job in about an hour so we are set to use the furnace when it gets cooler outside. That may be in October.

In the afternoon, we measured for the tile backsplash and bought the tiles at our favourite store. It was 10% off for seniors today. We chose our first tile and when I put the counter laminate sample on it, it was all wrong. The tiles were 1” square with white, tan, and a brown in them. The brown and tan were too yellow. We put them back and bought these. A bit more rustic but the counter top looks great with them. The subway tile are a warm beige in colour of which we had to buy 3 more boxes. Thank goodness we can return what we don’t need.


We also bought a stainless steel range hood for the upstairs kitchen. It gets installed the same day as the downstairs hood gets done. And said hood is stored in the sewing room.

I have decided that I need to watch what I am eating during the day. I want to loose weight and start working out again when the basement is done. I skimped on the carbs yesterday morning and the glucose reading at noon was 6.6. A bit high for someone who was sweating like crazy and feeling weak. Was that a stress reading from trying to complete the painting in the kitchen before lunch? Or am I running a bit high and need to be more careful?

I ate a proper lunch and then took my glucose reading again at 5 p.m. and it was at 5.6. Much better though a bit high as I didn’t have a snack mid afternoon. I will be monitoring what I eat, portion control, and glucose readings every day to see what is happening.

I have finished two months of the Bullet Journal and set up September yesterday. We both love this journal as I have it for us. If we want to know something, I can look it up in the journal right down to the date it happened. Time spent per day on it ~ 5 to 10 minutes.


I spent the evening knitting on the mitten. It is ready for me to set up the thumb.


It may be too small for our grandson but it is a prototype. I will finish the pair and donate them to charity. Then I will knit the next size bigger. Hopefully I will have a size ready to knit when I head over at the end of the month.

Today, the second coat of paint needs to be put on the downstairs kitchen. The two fireplaces will be installed and a friend is coming for a very short visit. It will be so nice to see her again. Maybe, I will get the thumb onto the needles so I can finish the first mitten.

Until tomorrow………………………..

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