Thursday, September 03, 2015

Elliott Approved

Yesterday was lovely and sunny though a bit cool. We are still having wind blow though not as strong as we had it on the weekend. Yesterday’s high got to 22.4C or 72F and this morning is a cool 8.8C or 48F. As our friend said yesterday, you can smell fall in the air.


I hit the deck running and started painting the second coat in the kitchen early. I was done in 90 minutes. That included tipping my bucket of water over, turning my ankle stepping on the vacuum cleaner hose, and knocking a small paint pot over. Though I mopped up the water quickly, I was mad at myself. More mad when I wrenched my ankle. The paint pot did not do any damage except to my pride. I had no more accidents thank goodness.

Once done that, I cleaned the bathroom and folded laundry. A productive morning. After lunch our friend came to see the house and visit with us for a half an hour. She loves our place and can hardly wait to see how we will put our stamp on it. She is hoping to bring the boys in on a Saturday for a visit. We do miss those guys in our lives.

The fireplaces were installed and it went quite well. The young fellow who installed them was awesome. This is the second time we have had this make of fireplace installed.


The downstairs fireplace is very simple and looks great. The combination of the colours used is a great fit.


The upstairs fireplace looks out of place. The colours don’t work together well and the missing part leaves an totally unfinished look. We will put a rock facing on the fireplace, paint the mantle black and the walls a light taupe/grey. It will give us the look we want. We are hoping to hang the TV above the fireplace though there will be some cords showing. We will have to talk to the electrician about that one.

After all was quiet, Elliott came out to have a look at the upstairs' fireplace to make sure he will enjoy it this winter.


Where are the flames?


Not here.


Or here.

But I do approve. Bring on fireplace season!!

The Spousal Unit got the back lawn area all cultivated, raked, and watered. He will be seeding it today. That means, in his books, the weather will turn hot. The rock isn’t gone but we will deal with that later.

I continue to monitor my blood glucose three times a day and watch what I eat. Last night the dinner reading was 4.6 which means I am hungry. This morning it was 5.7. That is good. I am not snacking between meals and eating slightly under the required grams of carbohydrates a day. I am feeling better and am realizing the sweating and weak feeling may be caused by the stress of trying to get the downstairs apartment done. I will continue to monitor three times a day for now. Once things are established, I will go back to one reading a day.

On another good note, my weight has dropped. I do have a goal in mind and am hoping that I will meet it this time next year. So Mr. Thyroid, you can’t crash and burn on me like you love to do.


I got the mitten finished last night. It was an easy finish and too small for our grandson.


I will make the second one and try another pattern for the next pair.


Maybe if the hand part was longer it would have worked. I will be armed with two patterns when I go to visit.

Today, the goal is to scrub the basement kitchen floor and prime the two pieces of baseboard. That will take me a long time as this floor is extremely dirty. Once the floors are clean, we can install the upper cabinets. I am hoping that I will get the second mitten cast on and started.

Until tomorrow……………………….

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