Monday, September 07, 2015

Done For The Day

Yesterday was warm and sunny. We sat outside in the sunshine for a while in the afternoon enjoying the 24C or 75.5F temperature. It is warm this morning at 13C or 55F. At least two light showers have gone through since 3:30 a.m. I heard the first one as it woke me up. The second one happened around 6:45 a.m.


As the Spousal Unit watered the new seeding, planted a bit more grass seed, and built the cupboard for above the sink, I finished scrubbing the downstairs bathroom. When that was done, I primed trim and baseboard when I wasn’t needed in the kitchen.

We worked on kitchen cupboards for the better part of the day. Prepping took the most work as well as some creative thinking. We had spent a lot of time looking for the studs in the one wall. The finder would find them up so far and then they would disappear. Frustrating to say the least. We put up the cupboards doing the best we could.


The cupboards were not attached at the top and we were bashing ideas off of each other as what to do. In frustration, I grabbed the stud finder, put it on deep search and found some wood. Up high above the cupboards and they matched the studs down farther. Put it on stud mode and low and behold found the missing studs all the way across. We screwed the cupboards solid on the wall in a hurry. We were happy with that discovery.

I wiped out the cabinets, scraped off some glue (dries clear -wrong). The Spousal Unit put on the doors. Two sets have to be adjusted.


At that point we said “Done for the day” and headed out to enjoy the sunshine and hydrate.

We both did nothing in the evening as we were tired. I have muscles that are sore from going up and down the step ladder, reaching up to above the cupboards to find the studs, and from holding cupboards in place. The Spousal Unit’s legs were sore and his patience was worn thin trying to figure out how to attach the cupboards at the top.

My glucose readings were in the top of my target zone all day. Most of it was caused from pushing myself to get the work done yesterday and the stress of the cupboards. Hopefully today will be better.

Today, my plan is to paint the ceiling in the bathroom and then do the trim. The bottom cupboards need to be made before we can install them. The remaining top cabinets are made but we need to draw on walls to see if we need to move some wiring around. The drawing may happen today also. I would love to knit and get the mitten done. Then on to prototype 3.

Until tomorrow…………………….

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