Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dig Deep and Do a Gauge Swatch

Yesterday was another glorious day. Our mornings are now cool and the afternoons warm. Indian Summer has arrived. We had a low of 2.8C or 37C and a high of 22.4C or 72F. We are also very close to having 12 hours of daylight ~ 7 minutes more to be exact. Definitely fall has arrived.


We had a busy day yesterday. We got the upper cabinets installed with a couple of problems. We survived it. We quickly put the bottom cabinets in place to get an idea of what the kitchen will look like when done.



We are happy with what it looks like. There are approximately three small and one medium sized job left to do in the rest of suite and the rest is in this kitchen. Not hard jobs. Time consuming jobs.

In the afternoon, the Spousal Unit fixed a plug in and a light switch. While he did that, I cleaned the fridge we were selling. Got pictures of it and posted on a site called Kijiji. Less than 10 minutes after posting, we had a call and 40-45 minutes later the fridge was loaded and gone to another basement apartment. We were happy and now I can start the final wiping of the living room area.


I finished the last three rows of the toque I was crocheting for our grandson. I was a bit worried about the size and the gauge. I had gone up three crochet hook sizes to a 6 mm hook as I have a very tight tension when crocheting. This toque felt very loose, not what I wanted for this project. It needs to be a bit tighter.


The tension was out when I looked at the gauge on the ball wrapper. I had 12 stitches in 4” and needed 14 stitches. That led me to find out what the tension was for the toque. Nothing in the shark instructions. But there was a clue on doing the flaps so I went to the puppy pattern. That led me to the owl instructions. There I found not only the gauge but the spacing for the ear flaps. In the end I was using too big a crochet hook.

I decided to try again using a size smaller hook (5.5 mm). I did a gauge swatch. Perfect tension. I also looked at the owl pattern instructions and pictures and followed them carefully. It is full of tips that are not in her other toque patterns. I am half done the second toque.


It looks much better in my eyes. The moral of the story is -- do a gauge swatch.

I lightened the pictures and this one is close to the colour of the yarn.


Today, we will continue to work in the basement. I would like to paint the table and then will clean the second bedroom ready to wipe the floors. We kept all the foam sheets from the cupboard boxes and I will fold them into a packing box for a friend. She will get all our boxes when she sells her home. I have to be out after lunch for a hair cut. Another busy day in our household.

Until tomorrow………………….

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