Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Demolition in the Kitchen

It was cooler yesterday but we did see a fair amount of sunshine. The high got to 18C or 65F. This morning it is a cool 10C or 50F but that is warmer than yesterdays low temperature of 7C or 44F.


First thing yesterday morning, we had an electrician in to tell us what we needed to do re: electrical in the basement. The fellow is a quiet person who did an amazing job of going through the unit. He checked wiring, told us what “we” needed to do and basically how to do it. He needs to do one small job in the electrical panel. All we can say is “WOW”. So different to the  electrician who came in on Friday.

After the electrician left, the Spousal Unit started making a list of what he needs to get. Then he fixed the range hood wire and started mudding the hole in the wall. I washed out the corner cupboard and cleaned the kitchen window inside and out. While outside, I redid the other windows in the basement.

At that moment, I had nothing to do in the basement apartment. Though there are small jobs to do in each room, I have to wait until they are done. After writing a lengthy email to the Spousal Unit’s distant relation about the family tree, I decided to investigate the noise in the basement. The Spousal Unit was busy in the kitchen on job #2.

When we bought the house, the basement kitchen looked like this (July 29, 2015)


On the wall beside the glass door upper cabinets you can see two white doors. The electrical panel is behind them. The access is too small to work on the panel. Here is what that wall looked like yesterday.


And it isn’t done yet. It needs to be bigger. We hope to put white kitchen cabinet doors on the opening so they can be easily removed for easy access.

While this demolition job was being executed, I quietly retreated to the laundry room. Time to unpack and clean it up. I swept, emptied a box into a rolling cart, put items under the stairs, filled up the garbage can, and scrubbed up tubs from painting. It looks great. I have a box with some interfacing for reusable grocery bags and some other sewing interfacing down there. Otherwise, it is done and ready to be a shared laundry room.

I set up the ironing board in the sewing room to iron a shirt for the Spousal Unit. I really have to get over my dislike of the ironing board jutting out in front of the closet. I am thinking about the layout and may move the sewing machine cabinet so it faces the wall.


As I had no project planned for the rest of the afternoon and the Spousal Unit was out, I sat and knit on the second mitten. It is went smoothly. I got the gusset done and then realized I have an error. I counted all the stitches and followed the directions and have too many stitches for the gusset; like 3 too many. On both mittens. I have to rewrite that part of the pattern before I make the next pair of mittens. I kept knitting and have started on the hand section. It should be finished tonight.

I also read more on the book Knitting in Plain English. It is such a good read and I have learned some new tricks to try on the next mittens. I just need to wrap my head around those tricks so I will be packing the books with me.

Today we have to both be at the lab for blood tests. After that is done, I want to get a few things for the basement apartment and finish up a couple of things. I plan on painting a couple of pieces of furniture and can do it down there. Primer (have), paint (buy) and I can spend some time doing them.

Until tomorrow………………..

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