Saturday, September 05, 2015

Cleaning the Last Room

We had quite a nice day yesterday with a high of 20.3C or 68.5F and a low of 6.7C or 44F.The sunshine felt good when we were outside in it. This morning the temperature is about the same as yesterday and it looks like it will be another sunny day. It is suppose to be nice for Labour Day weekend albeit a bit cooler than normal.


After a brief talk, I headed down stairs to clean the bathroom. That means scrubbing every single inch of that room before painting it. I started at the sink area and scrubbed away. When I got to the bath tub I was in for a shock. Someone hadn’t removed the extra silicone from sealing the tub and spread it down the edges and into the tub. Though clear when put on, it was yellow with age. I spent 3 hours scraping silicone sealer off that lovely acrylic tub.

It. Is. Not. Done!!

It was hard work and when I finished for the day my back and shoulder ached. I am thinking there is another 60 to 90 minutes of scraping left.

The Spousal Unit took all the dead sod from the back yard to the city’s composting site and then worked on fixing a drawer in the bathroom. It is fixed and ready to go back into the vanity, which has been scrubbed. Just before we called it a day, we got a phone call saying the kitchen counter is in. The store will hold it for us for a few days.

We headed out mid afternoon to do a bit of grocery shopping. We stood in the sunshine for a few minutes to enjoy it. Soon it will be time to get out the light therapy lamp as the days are getting shorter and shorter.

Day 4 of watching what I eat has been completed and I had a bit of a spike in the glucose reading at noon ~ self inflicted stress from the silicone on the bathtub. An hour before dinner I had to eat as my glucose was dropping fast and then I had carrots as a vegetable and two small oatmeal cookies as a treat for dessert. Weight was down but glucose reading up this morning. Will see what happens today.


Thanks to person who left the comment with this link. I am sure I would never get one of these on Elliott without being maimed for life. He is about the size of those dogs though but it would be a lot harder to wrestle him into one of those.

I knit on the mitten last night and am ready to start the thumb gusset. It would have been started but guess who climbed up on me. You’re correct. I’m sure the mitten will be done by the end of the weekend. Then onto the next prototype.

Today, I am assuming I will be back to scraping the remaining silicone off the bathtub. I have my fingers crossed we will get one wall of cupboards up this afternoon. I would love that. For me, that means progress.

Until tomorrow…………………………

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