Friday, September 04, 2015

A Sewing Plan

Yesterday was a cool one. It got to 18.8C or 66F. There was a cold rain from the north at about 5 p.m. The weather website says it got to 1.5C or 34.7F for a low yesterday and that is incorrect in our books. This morning it is 7.7C or 46F. Cool but it is the start of fall.


I went down stair to scrub the kitchen floor. It was dirty from the minute I started it until I finished it. I knew that but when done it looked amazing ~ a full two shades lighter in colour. There was less paint all over the floor, more around the perimeter. I scrubbed it all off. That job is done!!

While I was scrubbing the floor, the Spousal Unit seeded the back lawn. He predicts hot weather when he seeds. Usually he is right and he lives outside watering the ground so the seeds will sprout and the fragile plants won’t die.

In the afternoon, I did some genealogy on the Spousal Unit’s family. Ancestry has free access to immigration records this weekend. We learned a lot of amazing things. Some things were confirmed, others brand new. When reading the arrival information, we learned interesting things and put together lots of information. Quite exciting. It is all documented now.

The fellow arrived with the missing part for the upstairs fireplace only to find out they have the wrong part for the front of the upstairs fireplace. They will try again today unless it has to be ordered.

I am still being very careful with what I am eating. The glucose readings are low at 5 p.m. which means I am doing a great job of burning up the carbs/sugars in my system. The numbers mean hungry at meal time though yesterday the 5 p.m. was nearing the “you gotta eat something” number.


With fall arriving, I think more of sewing. When I look in the room that will be my sewing room, I get discouraged. But I put that aside and did some thinking yesterday. I have decided to use up the fabric in my stash to make muslins as I work on TNT patterns and pattern drafting. As the clothing becomes too big, I will discard them and make more. I think I have a year of sewing in the stash. Once gone, I will buy more. It all coordinates thank goodness.


The second mitten got cast on and 13 of the 20 rounds knit for the cuff. Once this mitten is done, I will try another pattern. I am looking forward to actually knitting mittens for our grandson.

Today, one of two things will happen. We will start installing kitchen cupboards or the downstairs bathroom will get scrubbed. Either way, I will be in the basement working. In the afternoon, we may head out to get a few groceries.

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