Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Quick Trip to Kelowna

Yesterday was gorgeous outside; sunshine and warmth. The high got to 18.6C or 65F. Perfect for driving. The low temperature yesterday was 2C or 35F. Yes, there was frost here and there in the city. This morning is warmer at 4C or 39F. It looks like another sunny day.


I used my light therapy lamp for the first time yesterday and was amazed at how much better I felt all day. No tired feelings in the afternoon. So I am using it for 15 minutes daily until the beginning of June.

We headed out to Kelowna in good time yesterday. The drive was lovely with fairly light traffic. We made good time until we came to the one and only light between Vernon and Kelowna. The traffic was backed up and had to merge to single lane. That lovely line up was about 2 miles long. A highways crew was working on the intersection. Not only did you have the long line up from merging to deal with, you had to deal with the light changing.

We got into Kelowna in time to have lunch in the mall. We walked the full length of the mall to get the cramped muscles loosened up. We had been in the car for 2.5 hours without getting out. Lunch was eaten and we walked the full length of the mall again to get back into the vehicle.

We arrived at the cancer clinic with about 7 minutes to spare. We got in to see the oncologist in good time. The check up went okay this time. The CLL is progressing slowly and we are nearing the time to take action. The Spousal Unit’s white and red blood cell counts remained fairly stable from last year. His platelet count is at 89 and normal starts at 100-150. Strangely enough he is still clotting well when he has a cut and hasn’t shown much bruising lately. He needs another blood test done on Friday, chest X-ray, and ultra sound of his spleen done early in October. Next visit is the end of October and we will find out if he needs to start treatment or not. Treatments can be done here in Kamloops.

We are both not surprised at the outcome. We knew he would get to this stage sometime. I have come to terms with it and the Spousal Unit had a bit of denial but knows in his heart he will need the treatment. He won’t refuse the treatment, he needs the time to fully accept the time has come.

On the way home, we stopped at a quilting shop to get a piping foot for Daughter. I got her a new zipper foot and was shown how to use it as a piping foot. While there I asked about the sewing machine repair man. He works in their shop on Tuesday. We connected and I get my sewing machine back when we go back at the end of October. I really can’t wait to sew on it again. I didn’t get to look at fabric as we wanted to be home in good time. We knew we had to deal with the rush hour traffic using the only route to get to our area of Kamloops.


I decided to crochet a prototype of the hat Grandson wants. I confess that I have a tight tension when I crochet. I chose to go up several hook sizes and began the hat. It is an easy project to do and in no time flat I was over half done. I have one more increase row before I decide if I make the child’s or adult’s size hat.


I won’t do the ear flaps until he tries it on. If it fits, I can finish it up quickly. I am not sure what I will work on next as I do have three nights before I leave.

Today, we are working in the downstairs kitchen. I have to pick up an item for Daughter and deliver it to her at the union office at noon. I really don’t want her to have to buck the rush hour traffic to pick it up at the store a block from our house. I will get back in time to help some more. It is push day as we only have two part days after today prior to me leaving.

Until tomorrow…………………………………..

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