Friday, September 18, 2015

A Long But Successful Day

Yesterday was warmer with a high of 20C or 68F. The sun actually shone and felt warm. We did have a bit of rain fall in the afternoon. Not a lot. Today is a repeat weather wise.


I hurried downstairs and primed the wall where the stove is going. I then looked at the table and need to take the mouse sander to it so left it be. I helped the Spousal Unit put a light up in one of the bedrooms.

After a quick shower, the Spousal Unit and I headed out. We went to the library for help with the settings on our Library to Go account. We had to come back in the afternoon. After a quick lunch we set out on our afternoon journey.

We went to the one hardware store to return the doors that were the wrong size and try to get new ones. No such luck. We thought about making our own and the cost was unreal. The tool to do the European style hinges was 50.00. Got the primer we needed and headed out to the next hardware store.

We got to the next hardware store and scooted through a small aisle that had lovely backsplash tile. No doors. I looked at bath tubs for our bathroom while the Spousal Unit measured cabinet doors. A lady came out to talk to us. She knew exactly what we wanted and took us out to their odds and sods cabinet doors out in the warehouse. We found two matching doors that would work. Add in the hinges and we were excited. Cost was just over $40.00. The store will be putting in the holes we need for the European hinges early next week. Yes!!

We headed back towards home and went back to the library. Got the setting corrected on Library To Go and left happy as can be. At home, we measured and marked where the hinges were to go on the doors, hopped back in the vehicle and took them back to where we bought them. On our way out, we looked at some flooring. It has a cushioning substance on the back to cushion you and to muffle sound upstairs. We are interested in it but have to wait until we know if the flooring in the house can be redone.

On our way home we stopped at our favourite gardening shop. We were wanting to look at the weigla bushes and hydrangeas. The best looking hydrangeas were sold and what was left wasn’t worth taking home. A young fellow helped us with the weigla bush and we bought one for 30% off. It is small but will grow to the size we want. Pale pink blooms in the spring and red leaves in the fall.

We got home shortly before supper time. It certainly was a busy day with very little time spent at home. We were both tired as there was heavy duty problem solving to get the door situation sorted out. But so worth it in the end.


I did knit a bit on the swatch and started crocheting a slipper that some friends are having a problem with. I could barely keep my eyes open so quit. I fought to stay awake for the rest of the evening.

Today, I have some painting and some housework upstairs to do. I also have to sand the table and put on the last coat of primer. We have an inspector from the insurance company coming this afternoon to look at the house. We are not worried after having done all the work we were told to do done.

Until tomorrow………………………

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