Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Day Trip

Yesterday was a damp day in Kamloops. The high got to 17.6C or 64F. The low this morning is 16C or 61F. Today is suppose to be another damp day and then it is to clear off for the next week.


We headed out yesterday morning to visit with Daughter. We took Jill with  us as she loves to travel. When we got there, she jumped out and trotted off in her stiff fashion to great Daughter’s dogs. It was quite a hoot watching them. Simon, the male, ran around and covered the most ground in the excitement. Sage, the female, did okay with her running. She is heavy and doesn’t like to move a lot. Poor Jill, brought up the tail with her stiff trot/walk around the yard. She did well considering her age and stiffness.

We spent a good hour outside looking at the yard and telling her how to prune the two cherry trees for shade purposes only. We went inside for a lunch of delicious pea and ham soup. We had a good visit and left around 2:30 p.m. We were tired when we got home but it was a good tiredness.

Elliott was happy we got home and greeted us at the door. He spent the evening sleeping beside the Spousal Unit. He only visited with me when he decided to walk over me to the Spousal Unit.



I finished up the swatch I was working on and knit another one. One left to go and they are done.


These swatches are not blocked. The first one is a basket weave and lies flat at the cast off edge as it is bound off using both knit and purl stitches. The next one is an increase block using two different types of increases. It is bound off in a knit stitch hence why it curls towards the knit side of the swatch. The last swatch is a 2x2 ribbing with a knit top. Bound off in knit and it curls towards the knit side. Blocking will fix the curling.

Today, we have to do some grocery shopping and then I will work in the basement suite. I need to do some clean up and paint the table the first coat. I would love to finish up that suite as quickly as possible. I am ready to start upstairs.

Until tomorrow………………………

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