Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Day Out

Yesterday was a cool one all day. The low was 3.5C or 38F and the high was 17C or 62.5F. Cool enough I wore a coat most of the day. This morning is warmer so we hope for a bigger number for our high.


I headed out to meet with the new literacy person. She had been through most of the materials I had left and found the plan for this year. She was happy to have that and we went over it. We had several good discussion and parted around 12:30.

As it was my day out, I headed to the mall for lunch and to look at running shoes. I met a friend at the store where I buy running shoes and while her daughter tried on runners we chatted. Then I had my serious talk about runners. The young lady was super awesome. She suggested I wear the runners I bought for running as every day shoes and try on a specific shoe when in Kelowna next week or when in Edmonton and use them for running. My old shoes will become shoes I wear when painting. A great discussion.

On my way out through Sears, I spotted this freezer and snapped a shot for Daughter as a laugh.


I headed to the craft store to find the beads I need for the cowl I plan on knitting. After a lot of searching I found them. I also got some crochet cotton and a tiny crochet hook for getting those beads on the yarn.


On the way home I decided not to go to the quilting and yarn shops as the traffic was heavy. I can go another day at a time the traffic is lighter. It is a 10 minute drive from our house.

When I got home, the Spousal Unit and I looked at what he had got done and I am back to painting a wall. Whey dry, we can put up more cupboards. After he installs the light in the one bedroom, I can clean out what is not to be in that room and mop the floor. One room will be done to completion. I also scraped off the paint drips from the table legs and recovered those parts with primer.


Last night was sew on buttons and ribbons night. I methodically worked through the pieces and was finished at 8:30 p.m. I bagged them without taking pictures. I then got the swatches out and started working on them. I will photograph when done the swatch. I enjoyed knitting on the swatch last night as I realized that what I have learned since starting the beginners course has transferred to my regular knitting.

I got out the yarn I want to take to Edmonton. Three balls of yarn for Grandson’s mittens and toque. One ball of yarn for the jewelled cowl. Yarn for two pairs of kid’s socks. I plan on taking more than less as I won’t be shopping during the day. No vehicle. Next is get out the needles I need for each project. I may put in an extra ball of yarn just in case I run out yarn.

Today, I have to prime where the Spousal Unit patched above the stove area. I will put the final coat of primer on the table at the same time. We have to head out and return the doors for the electrical panel and get the right ones. I will also get a pint of primer for an antique dresser I want to paint. We also have to take our iPads to the library and show them an error we are getting when we try to search for books. Our set up shows we are mature readers and we can’t get the books we enjoy reading. There must be a glitch in their program.

Until tomorrow…………………….

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