Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Day Off

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day. The high got to 23C or 74F. It was warm enough to start the a/c. Today is suppose to be warmer and the next two days are to be even warmer. It will be nice to have a bit of heat prior to the next system coming in.


We didn’t work in the basement yesterday. We stayed out of not by choice but by our schedule. We had to go get prescriptions and that set us back 90 minutes. Their computers were down at the pharmacy. So we headed back to get items for the basement then back to the pharmacy. That little jaunt took us until noon.

After lunch, we had the fireplace people in to put the missing front part in. Then we had to get the roast onto the BBQ and the vegetables ready for under the meat.


By then I didn’t want to change and head out down to paint for just an hour. So we sat out in the sunshine and soaked up the rays. It was great to have a day off.

We Skyped with our grandson last night. He wasn’t at his best as he has had the flu. We hope he is over with it as he and mommy are tired. He did tell us what he is learning at school as he has been going for a week now.


Elliott is thrilled that we have the couch. He chose to sleep stretched out on the love seat beside the Spousal Unit last night. He doesn’t have to wiggle his way in between us pushing us almost up onto the arms of the love seat. Win-win for all of us.


I had a wonderful evening of knitting.


The pattern is being written in draft form and I got the mittens set up to start increasing for the gusset.


Once this pair is made, I will tweak the pattern for our grandson’s pair. I will decide if I want to do the cuffs in 4 mm needles after he tries on this pair. I want to write up the pattern to see if I can get it done correctly.

Today, I have a bit of housework to do and then I will paint the downstairs bathroom the second coat. After that, I plan on changing door handles and putting on the new ones. I have to do some of the small jobs between helping with the kitchen. Washing windows, mirrors, caulking baseboards. If I do those it will get us done quicker. Yes, I am ready to be done with the basement in make it into an income suite.

Until tomorrow……………………

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